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Daniels Fund
Private Foundation
Industry Foundation
Founded Denver, Colorado (2000)
Headquarters Denver, Colorado
Key people
Linda Childears, President/CEO
June E. Travis, Chairman,
Bill Daniels, Founder
Number of employees
40 (2013)
Website www.danielsfund.org/  Edit this on Wikidata

The Daniels Fund is a philanthropic organization based in Denver, Colorado. It was founded by Bill Daniels, a decorated fighter pilot [1] in World War II, who went on to become one of the pioneers in the cable television industry. Throughout his lifetime, he gave generously to people in need and the organizations that serve them. Daniels spent his final years carefully defining his goals for the Daniels Fund, which carries on his legacy of generosity by providing college scholarships to deserving students and grants to nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Daniels Fund Grant Program

As decided by Mr. Daniels, each year, approximately 70% of charitable allocations are made through the Daniels Fund Grants Program in the funding areas that he defined for the foundation: Aging, Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, Amateur Sports, Disabilities, Early Childhood Education, Ethics & Integrity in Education, Homeless & Disadvantaged, K-12 Education Reform, and Youth Development.

Daniels Fund Scholarship Program

Mr. Daniels directed that approximately 30% of charitable allocations to be made through the Daniels Fund Scholarship Program, which consists of the Daniels Scholarship and the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship.

Daniels Scholarships give motivated high school seniors with leadership, character, ethics, and a commitment to give back to their communities, the opportunity to obtain a four-year degree from the university of their choice.

Boundless Opportunity Scholarships support non-traditional students such as adult learners; GED recipients; foster care youth; juvenile justice youth; returning military; individuals pursuing EMT/paramedic training; and individuals pursuing Early Childhood Education certification.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative

Based on Bill Daniels commitment to ethics and integrity, the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative was launched in 2010 with select business schools from universities in Colorado, [2] New Mexico, [3] Utah, and Wyoming.

The Ethics Initiative, reapproved for a 2015-2019 term, strengthens the teaching of principle-based ethics education, using real-world practical application as a framework for personal and organizational decision-making and leadership. Eleven schools from nine universities are members of the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium.

Cumulative Data as of December 2016 [4]

Grants and Scholarships Awarded: $705,500,000
Grants: $536,100,000
Daniels Scholarships: $169,400,000
Scholars Named: 5,527
Assets: $1.3 billion

Notable Daniels Fund Scholarship Recipients

Britain Simons - 2010 Scholar [5]


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