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Cumberland State Forest
Entrance of Cumberland State Forest
Location Cumberland County, Virginia, USA
Nearest city Cumberland, VA
Coordinates 37°0′0″N 78°0′0″W / 37.00000°N 78.00000°W / 37.00000; -78.00000
CUMBERLAND STATE FOREST Latitude and Longitude:

37°0′0″N 78°0′0″W / 37.00000°N 78.00000°W / 37.00000; -78.00000
Governing body Virginia Department of Forestry

Cumberland State Forest is a Virginia state forest located in the piedmont of the state, in Cumberland County. The 16,233-acre (65.69 km2) forest borders the Willis River. Within its confines may be found Bear Creek Lake State Park and a small family cemetery containing the grave of Charles Irving Thornton; the grave marker, with its inscription by Charles Dickens, is on the National Register of Historic Places.