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Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake, Newton Centre MA.jpg
Crystal Lake
Location Newton, Massachusetts
Coordinates 42°19′38″N 71°12′01″W / 42.32722°N 71.20028°W / 42.32722; -71.20028

42°19′38″N 71°12′01″W / 42.32722°N 71.20028°W / 42.32722; -71.20028
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area33 acres (13 ha)

Crystal Lake is a 33-acre (130,000 m2) natural lake located in Newton, Massachusetts. Its shores, mostly lined with private homes, also host two small parks and a town beach and bath house. The name Crystal Lake was given to the pond by a nineteenth-century commercial ice harvester that sold ice cut from the pond in winter. It had previously been called Baptist Pond and used for baptisms by the Newton Center Baptist Church. The ice company felt that Crystal Lake was a better name for marketing purposes. [1] In the colonial era it was called Wiswall's Pond. [2] [3]

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