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Route 9
Route information
Maintained by ConnDOT
Length40.89 mi (65.81 km)
Existed1932 (truncated in 1969)–present
Major junctions
South end I-95 / US 1 / Conn. Turnpike in Old Saybrook
  Route 17 / Route 66 in Middletown

Route 99 in Cromwell

I-91 in Cromwell
US 5 / Route 15 in Berlin
Route 72 in New Britain
North end I-84 / US 6 at the FarmingtonWest Hartford town line
Counties Middlesex, Hartford
Highway system
  • Routes in Connecticut
Route 8 Route 9A

Route 9 is a 40.89-mile (65.81 km), 4-lane freeway beginning in Old Saybrook and ending at I-84 near the Farmington- West Hartford town line. It connects the Eastern Coastline of the state along with the Lower Connecticut River Valley to Hartford and the Capital Region.

Route description

Route 9 is a 4 lane freeway for most of its entire length. It begins at I-95/ U.S. 1 Exit 69, on the west bank of the Connecticut River. It runs northwesterly, parallel to the river for approximately 25 miles (40 km) between Old Saybrook and Route 99 in Cromwell. Along the river, it passes through the towns of Essex, Deep River, Chester, Haddam, and Middletown). After its junction with Interstate 91 in Cromwell, Route 9 continues westward then northward, running through the Hartford area towns/cities of Berlin, New Britain, Newington, and Farmington. At the junction with I-84/ US 6 near the Farmington - West Hartford town line, Route 9 follows the ramps for eastbound I-84 and ends at the merge with I-84 immediately after crossing the town line.

Route 9 has a non-freeway portion in the downtown area of Middletown, where it overlaps with Route 17. The non-freeway portion is 0.35 miles (0.56 km) in length and consists of two at-grade intersections with traffic lights (signed as Exits 15 and 16), and one median break to allow access to and from Miller Street. One of these intersections is where Route 17 leaves Route 9 to join Route 66. ConnDOT may soon consider upgrading the at-grade interchanges of the expressway and make on/off ramps. [1] [2]

The section from I-95 in Old Saybrook to I-91 in Cromwell is known as the Chester Bowles Highway. The section from I-91 in Cromwell to Exit 24 in Berlin is known as the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway. The section from Route 72 in New Britain to Route 175 in Newington is known as the Taras Shevchenko Expressway. The section from Route 175 in Newington to the junction with I-84 is known as the Iwo Jima Memorial Expressway.


The road connecting Deep River (then known as Saybrook) and Wethersfield along the west bank of the Connecticut River was a toll road known as the Middlesex Turnpike, which operated from 1802 to 1876. Another toll road running from Hartford to the northwest corner of Granby was known as the Granby Turnpike and operated from 1800 to 1854.

The state took over maintenance of trunk highways at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1922, New England began publicly numbering its state roads. The road running from Old Saybrook to the Massachusetts state line in Granby was designated as part of Route 10, a multi-state route continuing all the way to northern New Hampshire. The portion of New England Route 10 in Connecticut used the alignments of the Middlesex and Granby Turnpikes. In the 1932 state highway renumbering, Route 10 was relocated to a different alignment beginning in New Haven instead. The Old Saybrook to Granby road was designated as Route 9.

In the mid-1950s and early 1960s, various plans for a freeway along the Route 9 alignment were developed. Construction also began on the Old Saybrook to Cromwell segment around this time. The freeway from I-95 to I-91 was completely open by 1969. Old Route 9 south of Middletown was re-designated as Route 9A (later to be designated as Route 154).

Several options were considered and then later abandoned for the freeway portion through Hartford and points north. By the mid-1960s, a Route 9 freeway alignment through Hartford was finally abandoned. Route 9 was truncated to end at I-91 in Cromwell instead. The portion of old Route 9 from Hartford to Granby was assigned as an extension of Route 189, while the Cromwell to Hartford segment that was not upgraded to freeway was re-designated as Route 99.

In 1979, the eastern end of the Route 72 freeway up to the Berlin Turnpike was completed, including a connector to the planned alignment of Interstate 291 in New Britain. By this time, however, this portion of Interstate 291 had been deleted from the state's Interstate network. By 1989, a freeway connection was completed between the north end of Route 9 at I-91 and the east end of Route 72 at the Berlin Turnpike. Route 72 was truncated to end at the I-291 connector while Route 9 was extended along the deleted portion of the Route 72 freeway. Route 9 also took over the I-291 connector, which was extended in 1986 to Route 175.

In 1992 Route 9 was finally connected to I-84 in Farmington using a portion of the cancelled I-291 right of way, completing Route 9 as it exists today. The segment between I-84 in Farmington and I-91 in Cromwell serves the areas through which the southwest leg of I-291 was to be built.

Exit list

Middlesex Old Saybrook0.00–
I-95 / US 1 – New London, Providence, New Haven, New York CityExit 69 on I-95 / US 1
0.610.981 Ferry PointNorthbound exit and southbound entrance via Essex Road
1.542.482 Route 154 (Middlesex Turnpike) – Old Saybrook
Essex3.916.293 Route 154 to Route 153 – Essex, Westbrook, Centerbrook
5.218.384 Route 154 (Middlesex Turnpike) – Centerbrook
Deep River7.0111.285 Route 80 – Deep River, Killingworth
Chester8.9314.376 Route 148 – Chester, Hadlyme
10.6917.207 Route 82 east – East Haddam, Colchester, MoodusWest end of Route 82
Haddam13.9322.428Beaver Meadow Road – Haddam
15.7425.339 Route 81 – Higganum, Killingworth, Clinton
Higganum19.4331.2710 Route 154 south / Aircraft Road – HigganumNorth end of Route 154
Middletown21.3134.3011 Route 155 west (Randolph Road) to Route 17 – DurhamEast end of Route 155
12Bow Lane (northbound) / Silver Street (southbound) – Harbor Areat
23.3437.5613 Route 17 south – New HavenSouth end of Route 17 concurrency; no northbound exit
23.7038.1414DeKoven Drive – Harbor AreaSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
23.9438.5315 To Route 66 west – Middletown, Meriden At-grade intersection
24.2939.0916 Route 17 north to Route 66 east – Portland, WillimanticAt-grade intersection; north end of Route 17 concurrency
24.4639.3617Miller Street / Bridge StreetAt-grade intersection
Cromwell25.3040.7218 Route 99 north – Cromwell, Rocky HillNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; south end of Route 99
27.6144.4319 Route 372 (West Street) – Cromwell
20 I-91 – Hartford, Springfield, New Haven, New York CityExits 22N-S on I-91; signed as exits 20N (north) & 20S (south).
Hartford Berlin31.68
21 Route 372 to US 5 / Route 15 north – East Berlin
US 5 / Route 15 – Hartford, New Haven
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Southbound exit and entrance only
22 US 5 / Route 15 south – New Haven
Route 372 (Mill Street)
Northbound exit and entrance only
Southbound exit only. Northbound access at Exit 21.
33.0553.1923Christian Lane – BerlinSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
34.0754.8324 To Route 372 / Route 71 – KensingtonNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
New Britain35.1356.5425 To Route 71 / Ellis Street – Kensington
35.3956.9526Columbus Boulevard – Downtown New BritainNorthbound exit only
35.7457.5227Chestnut StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
28 Route 72 west to I-84 – Bristol
36.0858.0728AEast Main Street – Downtown New BritainSouthbound exit only
29 Route 175 – NewingtonSouthbound exit and northbound entrance are via Ella Grasso Boulevard
New Britain39.4863.5430 Route 71 – Corbins Corner
FarmingtonWest Hartford line40.8965.8131-32 I-84 / US 6 – Hartford, WaterburySigned as exits 31 (east) and 32 (west); exit 39A on I-84 / US 6
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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