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Conneaut Creek
Conneaut Ohio aerial view.jpg
Mouth of Conneaut Creek on Lake Erie at Conneaut, Ohio
Conneaut Creek is located in the United States
Conneaut Creek
Location of the mouth of Conneaut Creek in Ohio
Conneaut Creek is located in Ohio
Conneaut Creek
Conneaut Creek (Ohio)
Conneaut Creek is located in Pennsylvania
Conneaut Creek
Conneaut Creek (Pennsylvania)
CountryUnited States
StateOhio, Pennsylvania
Counties Ashtabula, Erie, Crawford
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location Linesville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania
 ⁃ coordinates 41°40′41″N 80°23′19″W / 41.67806°N 80.38861°W / 41.67806; -80.38861 [1]
 ⁃ elevation1,273 ft (388 m) [2]
Mouth Lake Erie
 ⁃ location
OhioPennsylvania border
 ⁃ coordinates
41°58′11″N 80°32′53″W / 41.96972°N 80.54806°W / 41.96972; -80.54806
CONNEAUT CREEK Latitude and Longitude:

41°58′11″N 80°32′53″W / 41.96972°N 80.54806°W / 41.96972; -80.54806
 ⁃ elevation
768 ft (234 m) [2]
Length43.5 mi (70.0 km) [2]
Basin size152 sq mi (390 km2) [2]
Basin features
 ⁃ leftWest Branch Conneaut Creek
 ⁃ rightEast Branch Conneaut Creek

Conneaut Creek /ˈkɒni.ɒt/ is a 43.5-mile (70.0 km) tributary of Lake Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio in the United States. [3] Via Lake Erie, the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, it is part of the watershed of the St. Lawrence River, which flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

Conneaut Creek rises in western Crawford County, Pennsylvania, and initially flows north-northwestwardly past Conneautville into western Erie County. Near Albion, it turns to the west-southwest and roughly parallels the shoreline of Lake Erie for some length, at a distance of about 5 mi (8 km) inland, into northeastern Ashtabula County, Ohio, where, at Kingsville, it turns to the northeast to flow into Lake Erie at the city of Conneaut. [4] [5]

Variant names and spellings

According to the Geographic Names Information System, Conneaut Creek has also been known historically as: [1]

  • Caneaught Creek
  • Conneaut River
  • Coneaught Creek
  • Conneaugh River
  • Conneought Creek
  • Conyeayout Creek
  • Counite Riviere

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