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Map of Coles Brook and surrounding area

Coles Brook is a small stream that begins east of Pine Street in Rehoboth MA, and flows in a southwest direction to Central Pond and the James V. Turner Reservoir and the on the border of Seekonk, Massachusetts and East Providence, Rhode Island. It is a tributary of the Ten Mile River. [1]

The brook is 5.3 miles long and has three small dams along its course. The brook flows through the Caratunk wildlife reservation in Seekonk, which has large portions of open space and wildlife, and is the site of Native American Camps, where artifact have been uncovered.

The Coles Brook is on the list of impaired waterways, due to pathogens, although it has still been rated a Class B waterway fishable, swimmable. [2]


Dry Brook, Cascading Brook, Muskrat Brook are the only tributaries of the Coles River, though it has several streams that also feed it.


Below is a list of all crossings over the Coles Brook. The list starts at the headwaters and goes downstream.

  • Rehoboth
    • Homestead Avenue
    • Sweeney Road
  • Seekonk
    • Pine Street
    • Fairway Drive
    • Tompson Drive
    • Newman Avenue ( MA 152)


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