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Brook Road crossing upstream view
Name origin: Algonquian for fox place
Country United States
States Massachusetts, Rhode Island
Source confluence Greene and Cedar Swamp Brooks
 - elevation 439 ft (134 m)
 - coordinates 42°1′4″N 71°41′11″W / 42.01778°N 71.68639°W / 42.01778; -71.68639
Mouth Nipmuc River
 - elevation 377 ft (115 m)
 - coordinates 41°59′45″N 71°41′24″W / 41.99583°N 71.69000°W / 41.99583; -71.69000
CHOCKALOG RIVER Latitude and Longitude:

41°59′45″N 71°41′24″W / 41.99583°N 71.69000°W / 41.99583; -71.69000
Length 2.2 mi (4 km)
Chockalog River (Massachusetts + Rhode Island) map.jpg
Chockalog River and environs

The Chockalog River is a river in the U.S. states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It flows approximately 4 km (2 mi). Its name is said to mean "fox place".


The river is formed in Douglas, Massachusetts by the confluence of Greene and Cedar Swamp brooks. From there, it flows south to Burrillville, Rhode Island where it converges with Round Top Brook to form the Nipmuc River.


Brook Road in Burrillville is the only crossing over the Chockalog River due to its short length.


The Chockalog River has no named tributaries, though it has many unnamed streams that also feed it.

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