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Chickasaw State Park
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Chickasaw State Park
TypeTennessee State Park
Location Henderson, Chester County, Tennessee
Coordinates 35°23′35″N 88°46′21″W / 35.3931°N 88.7725°W / 35.3931; -88.7725

35°23′35″N 88°46′21″W / 35.3931°N 88.7725°W / 35.3931; -88.7725
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Chickasaw State Park is a state park located in Chester County, Tennessee, in the Southeastern United States. The park consists of 1,280 acres (5 km²) amidst a 14,384 acres (58 km²) state forest, and includes Lake Placid and some of West Tennessee's highest areas.


Chickasaw state park was named for the Chickasaw Indians who at one point in time inhabited West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. [1] Located in west Tennessee along the border of Hardeman and Chester Counties was 1,400 acres of land that was considered to be one of Tennessee's 20 new Deal-era state parks.

1955 the territory became a state park because park duties returned to state control, and park and forest lands were deeded to the state. The area consists of 14,384 acres of timberland, however, 1,280 of those acres are used for recreation [1]

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