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Chale Bay is located in Isle of Wight
Chale Bay
Chale Bay
Chale Bay on the Isle of Wight
Chale Bay looking to the north west
Chale Bay looking to the south east
The beach at Chale Bay, looking north-west from the south-east end

Chale Bay is a bay on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight, England. It lies to the west of the village of Chale from which it takes its name. It faces south west towards the English Channel, its shoreline is 5km in length and is gently curving. It stretches from Artherfield Point in the north west to Rocken End in the south east.

The seabed is a mixture of mud, sand and shells. The beach is predominantly shingle.

In 1996, a sailing boat was washed ashore by high waves generated from the arrival of Hurricane Lili.

The bay is best viewed from the car park on the A3055 above Blackgang Chine or anywhere along the Isle of Wight Coastal Path which follows the whole coastline along the cliff top. Since the closure of the steps at Whale Chine, the beach at Chale Bay has become somewhat inaccessible, with no way down from the clifftop anywhere along its three miles. Parts of the beach are sometimes used by naturists.

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CHALE BAY Latitude and Longitude:

50°35′42″N 1°19′56″W / 50.5949°N 1.3323°W / 50.5949; -1.3323