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Cayo Icacos
Isle of Icacos II.jpg
Location Caribbean Sea
Coordinates 18°23′11″N 65°35′20″W / 18.38639°N 65.58889°W / 18.38639; -65.58889
ArchipelagoPuerto Rico Archipielago
United States
Territory Puerto Rico
Municipality Fajardo
Pop. density0 /km2 (0 /sq mi)

Cayo Icacos is a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. It forms part of the Cordillera Keys Nature Reserve and is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. It is a fifteen-minute water taxi ride from Fajardo. [1] The island is a popular snorkeling and tourist destination.

For some time, there was a limestone quarry on the southern part of the island, with a short railroad system to shuttle limestone from the quarry to the pier. [2]

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