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Campus Pond
UMass Amherst Pond.jpg
A view to the east of campus, with the pond in the foreground
Location University of Massachusetts Amherst
Coordinates 42°23′21.87″N 72°31′35″W / 42.3894083°N 72.52639°W / 42.3894083; -72.52639

42°23′21.87″N 72°31′35″W / 42.3894083°N 72.52639°W / 42.3894083; -72.52639
Type Pond

The Campus Pond at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is a pond located in the center of campus that was created in the early 1890s. It is bordered to the south by the Fine Arts Center.


In the early years, the pond was dammed during the winter of 1890 and 1891 by two students. Damming a river that ran through campus, the pond was justified as a source of natural ice in the days before refrigeration. Over the years, the pond was used for various student activities, as well as numerous events, [1] including the Spring Concert. [2]

Over the years, the number of Canada geese has increased around the pond, a direct result of increased acreage of lawns around the region. Furthermore, their waste has combined to create a nuisance for pedestrians in and around the pond, as well as foul the pond with algae growth. [3]


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