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Busta Rhymes Island
Busta Rhymes Island is located in Massachusetts
Busta Rhymes Island
Busta Rhymes Island
The location of Busta Rhymes Island in Massachusetts
Busta Rhymes Island is located in the United States
Busta Rhymes Island
Busta Rhymes Island
Busta Rhymes Island (the United States)
EtymologyNamed after Busta Rhymes
Location Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Coordinates 42°17′03″N 71°44′22″W / 42.2841441°N 71.7393413°W / 42.2841441; -71.7393413
BUSTA RHYMES ISLAND Latitude and Longitude:

42°17′03″N 71°44′22″W / 42.2841441°N 71.7393413°W / 42.2841441; -71.7393413
Adjacent bodies of waterMill Pond, Shrewsbury
Area149 m2 (1,600 sq ft)
Length12 m (39 ft)
Width12 m (39 ft)
Additional information
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Busta Rhymes Island is the proposed name of an unnamed island in Shrewsbury, Worcester County, Massachusetts. [1] [2] [3] [4] The island is named after the rapper Busta Rhymes and is located in Mill Pond in Shrewsbury and measures 40 by 40 feet (12 m × 12 m). [5] The proposal was made by Shrewsbury resident Kevin O'Brien who began frequenting and caring for the upkeep of the island. O'Brien stated he wanted it to be called Busta Rhymes Island as it had "rope-swinging, blueberries, and . . . stuff Busta would enjoy." [6]

O'Brien has attempted to register the name with the United States Board on Geographic Names, however the name was refused as the rules require the person commemorated to have been dead for at least 5 years. [6] O'Brien has since attempted to have the name adopted officially through a rule related to local usage of a name, and has named the Island on Google Maps. [7] [8] [9] [10] A petition has been created for the US Board on Geographic Names to formally recognise the name. [11]

The island and the campaign to officially name it Busta Rhymes Island was the central topic of an episode of 99% Invisible which explored the naming of places. [12]


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