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Buffumville Lake
Buffumville Lake.JPG
Buffumville Lake shore
Location Charlton, Massachusetts
Coordinates 42°07′06″N 71°54′38″W / 42.11833°N 71.91056°W / 42.11833; -71.91056
BUFFUMVILLE LAKE Latitude and Longitude:

42°07′06″N 71°54′38″W / 42.11833°N 71.91056°W / 42.11833; -71.91056
Type reservoir
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area200 acres (81 ha)

Buffumville Lake is a 200-acre (0.81 km2), 5.2-billion-US-gallon (20,000,000 m3) capacity United States Army Corps of Engineers flood control lake project located in Charlton, Massachusetts. The lake and surrounding grounds are open to the public for hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting. A 27-hole frisbee golf course is located next to the lake. Buffumville Lake is managed as a unit with the nearby Hodges Village Dam flood control project.

The 92-mile (148 km) Midstate Trail is accessible from the north end of the lake.