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Bob Montana
BornRobert William Montana
(1920-10-23)October 23, 1920 [1]
Stockton, California
DiedJanuary 4, 1975(1975-01-04) (aged 54)
Meredith, New Hampshire
Area(s) Cartoonist, Artist
Spouse(s)Peggy [2] [3]

Robert William "Bob" Montana (October 23, 1920 – January 4, 1975) was an American comic strip artist who created the original likenesses for characters published by Archie Comics and in the newspaper strip Archie. [4] [5] [6]

MLJ (Archie) Comics

While freelancing at True and Fox Comics, Montana created an adventure strip about four teenage boys and tried to sell it without success. Then he started working for MLJ Comics where later he was asked to work up a high school style comic strip story, featuring Archie Andrews.

According to Jane (Donahue) Murphy, a high school classmate of Montana's, Archie and his friends were based on people from their hometown of Haverhill and Haverhill High School. She said Archie Andrews was based on Donahue's cousin, Richard Heffernan; Veronica Lodge on Agatha Popoff, the daughter of the local football team's doctor; Jughead Jones on a mischievous teen named "Skinny" Linnehan; while Miss Grundy may have been based on a high school typing and shorthand teacher named Lundstrom. [7]

The success of the Archie and friends story in MLJ's Pep Comics (Dec. 1941) led MLJ to assign Montana to draw the first issue of Archie (Nov. 1942).

Montana was soon drawing the Archie comic strip, doing both the daily and Sunday strip, which over the next 35 years ran in over 750 newspapers.[ citation needed]

Montana died of an apparent heart attack while cross-country skiing near his New Hampshire home at the age of 54. [8]


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