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Black Jimmy Pond
(Hyles Pond)
Location Plymouth, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°49′46″N 70°34′10″W / 41.82944°N 70.56944°W / 41.82944; -70.56944
BLACK JIMMY POND Latitude and Longitude:

41°49′46″N 70°34′10″W / 41.82944°N 70.56944°W / 41.82944; -70.56944
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area11 acres (4.5 ha)
Settlements Cedarville

Black Jimmy Pond, also known as Hyles Pond, is an 11-acre (45,000 m2) pond in the Cedarville section of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The pond is located northwest of Hedges Pond and northeast of Little Herring Pond. "Black Jimmy" was a resident at the house across the pond. During his residency he killed his wife. He then on the south side of the Pond set up a table and hanged himself. Today many witnesses have seen the ghost of "Black Jimmy's" wife in the Browning Lodge.


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