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fo the nearby Utah state park of the same name Bear Lake State Park (Utah) Infobox protected area | name = Bear Lake State Park images | photo

 DSCN6179 bearlake e.jpg
photo_caption   Bear Lake (Idaho–Utah) Bear Lake seen from the park

| map = USA Idaho#USA | map_caption = Location in Idaho Location in the United States

relief          = 1
location        Bear Lake County, Idaho Bear Lake County, Idaho, United States
nearest city    St. Charles, Idaho

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Bear Lake State Park (sometimes called North Beach State Park) is a public recreation area bordering the north and eastern shores of Bear Lake in the southeast corner of Bear Lake County, Idaho, near the Utah and Wyoming state lines. The state park sits across the lake from St. Charles and is fifteen miles (24 km) south of Montpelier. [1] Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge lies adjacent to the park's north unit. [2]


The state purchased land for the park in 1969 using funds supplied through the Recreation and Public Purposes Act. At the same time, the North Beach unit was leased from Utah Power and Light. [3] Management of the north unit continues under lease from PacifiCorp. [4]


Bear Lake owes its unique turquoise blue color to the presence of suspended calcium carbonate (limestone). [3] The park's two units each have a beach over one mile (1.6 km) in length with gradually sloping lake bottom and large swimming area. Camping is offered in the east unit. In winter, the park provides ice fishing access for the annual runs of Bonneville cisco. [1]


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