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Arkansas State Treasurer of Arkansas State
Arkansas Treasurer Seal.png
Dennis Milligan
TypeHead banker
First holderJames Scull

The Arkansas State Treasurer acts as the head banker for the State of Arkansas, handling deposits, withdrawals, redemptions of state warrants, and investments of state funds. The position was created in 1819 when Arkansas became a territory. When Arkansas became a state in 1836, its constitution established the Office of the Treasurer of State, a position that would be elected by the legislature.

The current Arkansas State Treasurer is Dennis Milligan.

List of Treasurers

Territorial Treasurers

Name Term
James Scull August 1819 to November 1833
S.M. Rutherford November 1833 to October 1836

State Treasurers

Name Term
William E. Woodruff October 1836 to November 1838
John Hutt November 1838 to February 1843
J. C. Martin February 1843 to January 1845
Samuel Adams January 1845 to January 1849
William Adams January 2, 1849 to January 10, 1849
John H. Crease January 1849 to January 1855
A. H. Rutherford January 1855 to February 1857
John H. Crease February 1857 to February 1859
John Quindley February 1859 to February 1860
Jared C. Martin December 1860 to February 1861
Oliver Basham February 1861 to April 1864
E. D. Ayers April 1864 to October 1866
L. B. Cunningham October 1866 to August 1867
Henry Page August 1867 to May 1874
R. E. Newton May 1874 to November 1874
T. C. Churchill November 1874 to January 1881
W. E. Woodruff, Jr January 1881 to January 1891
R. B. Morrow January 1891 to January 1895
Ransom Gulley January 1895 to January 1899
T. E. Little January 1899 to April 1901
H. C. Tipton April 1901 to January 1907
James L. Yates January 1907 to January 1911
John Crockett January 1911 to January 1915
R. G. McDaniel January 1915 to January 1919
Joe Ferguson January 1919 to January 1925
Sam Sloan January 1925 to October 1925
Dwight Blackwood October 1925 to January 1927
Ralph Koonce January 1927 to January 1931
Roy V. Leonard January 1931 to January 1935
Earl Page January 1935 to January 1945
J. Vance Clayton January 1945 to July 1961
L.A. Clayton July 1961 to January 1963
Nancy J. Hall January 1963 to January 1981
Jimmie Lou Fisher January 1981 to January 2003
Gus Wingfield January 2003 to January 2007
Martha Shoffner January 2007 to May 2013
Charles Robinson May 2013 to January 2015
Dennis Milligan January 2015 to present

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