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State Mine Inspector of Arizona
= Current Arizona State Mine Inspector Joe Hart
Joe Hart

since January 2007
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Term lengthFour years, can serve four terms
DeputyTim Evans
Website Arizona State Mine Inspector

The Arizona State Mine Inspector is the inspector of active and inactive mines in the state of Arizona, in the United States. It is an independent, constitutionally mandated office, elected by the people of the state to a four-year term.

Arizona has 600 working mines and an estimated 120,000 abandoned mines. [1] As of 2013, the state had only 4 employees who actually inspected mines. Arizona is the only state with an elected mine inspector in the country. [2]

Some have questioned whether Arizona should continue to elect its mine inspector. [3] [4]

In 2006, former inspector Douglas K. Martin was convicted of a felony conflict of interest from the illegal use of state vehicles and theft. [5]

Former Mine Inspectors

  • G. H. Bolin, Democrat, 1912–1921
  • John F. White, Republican, 1921–1923
  • Tom C. Foster, Democrat, 1923–1945
  • Clifford J. Murdock, Democrat, 1945–1953
  • Edward Massey, Democrat, 1953–1959
  • R. V. Hersey, Democrat, 1959–1965
  • Verne C. McCutchan, Republican, 1965–1975
  • Bert C. Romero, Democrat, 1975–1979
  • James H. McCutchan, Republican, 1979–1990
  • Doug Martin, Republican, 1991–2007
  • Joe Hart, Republican, 2007–present.


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