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Ariel Gore
Born (1970-06-25) June 25, 1970 (age 48)
Alma mater Mills College
University of California at Berkeley
Occupation Journalist, author
Family John Duryea ( stepfather)

Ariel Gore (born June 25, 1970, in Carmel, California) is a journalist, memoirist, novelist, nonfiction author, and teacher. She is the founding editor/publisher of Hip Mama, an Alternative Press Award-winning publication covering the culture and politics of motherhood. Through her work on Hip Mama, Gore is widely credited with launching maternal feminism and the contemporary mothers' movement. "It's the quality of the writing that sets Hip Mama apart," The New Yorker noted (May, 2000). Gore's fiction and nonfiction work also explores creativity, spirituality, queer culture, and positive psychology.

Writer and cultural commentator Susie Bright has called her "One of the best feminist writers of our times—perhaps the most eloquent and sensitive."

In 2000, Working Woman magazine named Gore one of "20 Under 30" influential women in America.

Her lyrical memoir, Atlas of the Human Heart, which recounts Gore's teenage travels, was a 2004 finalist for the Oregon Book Award. Her anthology Portland Queer: Tales of the Rose City won the LAMBDA Literary Award in 2010. She is a graduate of Mills College and the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Gore has a daughter, Maia Swift, born February 7, 1990, and a son, Maximilian Gore-Perez, born August 26, 2007. She has taught at The Attic Institute in Portland, Oregon, at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and at the Institute for American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. She currently teaches online at Ariel Gore's School for Wayward Writers: [1]. [2]



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