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Flag of ambassadors of the United States of America

The diplomats serving as ambassadors of the United States of America to individual nations of the world, to international organizations, and ambassadors-at-large change regularly for various reasons, such as reassignment or retirement. The United States Department of State provides lists of ambassadors appointed to serve overseas which are updated periodically. [1] (A recent list {pdf} was issued on November 2, 2018. [2]) A listing by country of past chiefs of mission is maintained by the Office of the Historian of the U.S. Department of State. [3] That same office maintains a list of the names and appointment dates of past and present ambassadors-at-large, [4] as well as chiefs of mission to international organizations. [5] This information may also be available in the final pages of the aforementioned periodically updated lists of overseas ambassadors. [1]

The ambassadors are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate. [6] An ambassador can be appointed during a recess, but he or she can only serve as ambassador until the end of the next session of Congress unless subsequently confirmed. [7] Ambassadors serve "at the pleasure of the President", meaning they can be dismissed at any time.

An ambassador may be a career Foreign Service Officer (career diplomat - CD) or a political appointee (PA). In most cases, career foreign service officers serve a tour of approximately three years per ambassadorship whereas political appointees customarily tender their resignations upon the inauguration of a new president. As embassies fall under the State Department's jurisdiction, ambassadors answer directly to the Secretary of State.

Current U.S. ambassadors

Note that the information in this list is subject to change due to regular personnel changes resulting from retirements, reassignments, etc. The State Department posts updated lists of ambassadors approximately monthly, accessible via an interactive menu-based website. [1] As of early June 2018 there remained 28 vacant ambassadorships. [8]

Host country List Ambassador Background Website Confirmed
  Afghanistan List John Bass CD Kabul [1] September 28, 2017
  Albania List Donald Lu CD Tirana [2] November 20, 2014
  Algeria List John Desrocher CD Algiers August 3, 2017
  Andorra [9] List Richard Duke Buchan III PA Madrid November 2, 2017
  Angola List Nina Maria Fite CD Luanda November 2, 2017
  Antigua and Barbuda [10] List Linda Swartz Taglialatela CD Bridgetown December 9, 2015
  Argentina List Edward C. Prado PA Buenos Aires March 22, 2018
  Armenia List Richard M. Mills Jr. CD Yerevan [3] December 16, 2014
  Australia List Vacant since September 2016
James Carouso, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Canberra [4]
  Austria List Trevor Traina PA Vienna [5] March 22, 2018
  Azerbaijan List Robert Francis Cekuta CD Baku December 16, 2014
The Bahamas Bahamas List Vacant since November 21, 2011
James Herren, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
Doug Manchester nominated
(N/A) Nassau
  Bahrain List Justin Siberell CD Manama [6] September 28, 2017
  Bangladesh List Marcia Bernicat CD Dhaka [7] November 18, 2014
  Barbados [10] List Linda Swartz Taglialatela CD Bridgetown December 9, 2015
  Belarus List Vacant since March 12, 2008
Robert Riley, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. [11]
(N/A) Minsk
  Belgium List Ronald Gidwitz PA Brussels June 28, 2018
  Belize List Vacant since January 20, 2017
Adrienne Galanek, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Belmopan
  Benin List Lucy Tamlyn CD Cotonou October 8, 2015
  Bhutan The United States does not maintain formal diplomatic relations with Bhutan. Informal contact through the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.
  Bolivia List Vacant since September 10, 2008 [12]
Peter Brennan, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) La Paz
  Bosnia and Herzegovina List Maureen Cormack CD Sarajevo [8] November 19, 2014
  Botswana List Earl Miller CD Gaborone November 19, 2014
  Brazil List P. Michael McKinley CD Brasilia September 8, 2016
  Brunei List Craig Allen CD Bandar Seri Begawan November 18, 2014
  Bulgaria List Eric S. Rubin CD Sofia December 9, 2015
  Burkina Faso List Andrew Robert Young CD Ouagadougou September 28, 2016
  Burma (Myanmar) [13] List Scot Marciel CD Rangoon [9] February 9, 2016
  Burundi List Anne Casper CD Bujumbura June 29, 2016
  Cambodia List William A. Heidt CD Phnom Penh August 5, 2015
  Cameroon List Peter Barlerin CD Yaoundé November 2, 2017
  Canada List Kelly Knight Craft PA Ottawa [10] August 3, 2017
  Cape Verde List Donald Helfin CD Praia December 12, 2014
  Central African Republic [14] [15] [16] List Jeffrey Hawkins CD Bangui October 8, 2015
  Chad List Geeta Pasi CD N'Djamena June 29, 2016
  Chile List Carol Z. Perez CD Santiago July 14, 2016
  China List Terry Branstad PA Beijing [11] May 22, 2017
  Colombia List Kevin Whitaker CD Bogotá April 1, 2014
  Comoros [17] List Robert Yamate CD Antananarivo November 19, 2014
Republic of the Congo Congo-Brazzaville List Todd Haskell CD Brazzaville May 18, 2017
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo-Kinshasa List Vacant since December 31, 2016
Jennifer Haskell, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
CD Kinshasa
  Costa Rica List Sharon Day PA San José August 3, 2017
  Croatia List Robert Kohorst PA Zagreb November 2, 2017
  Cuba List Vacant since October 28, 1960
Mara Tekach, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Havana [12]
  Cyprus List Kathleen A. Doherty CD Nicosia August 5, 2015
  Czech Republic List Steve King PA Prague [13] October 5, 2017
  Denmark List Carla Sands PA Copenhagen [14] November 2, 2017
  Djibouti List Larry André Jr. CD Djibouti November 2, 2017
  Dominica [10] List Linda Swartz Taglialatela CD Bridgetown December 9, 2015
  Dominican Republic List Robin Bernstein PA Santo Domingo June 28, 2018
  East Timor List Kathleen M. Fitzpatrick CD Dili November 2, 2017
  Ecuador List Todd C. Chapman CD Quito December 9, 2015
  Egypt List Vacant since July 1, 2017
Thomas H. Goldberger, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Cairo
  El Salvador List Jean Elizabeth Manes (N/A) San Salvador December 9, 2015
  Equatorial Guinea List Julie Furuta-Toy CD Malabo [15] October 22, 2015
  Eritrea List Vacant since July 19, 2010
Natalie E. Brown, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Asmara
  Estonia List James Desmond Melville, Jr. CD Tallinn [16] August 5, 2015
  Ethiopia List Michael A. Raynor CD Addis Ababa August 3, 2017
  Fiji [18] List Vacant since March, 2018
Michael Goldman, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Suva
  Finland List Robert Pence PA Helsinki March 22, 2018
  France [19] List Jamie Luskin McCourt [20] PA Paris [17] November 2, 2017
  Gabon [21] List Cynthia Akuetteh CD Libreville July 30, 2014
  Gambia List Patricia Alsup CD Banjul October 8, 2015
  Georgia List Ian Kelly CD Tbilisi [18] June 24, 2015
  Germany List Richard Grenell PA Berlin [19] May 3, 2018
  Ghana List Robert P. Jackson CD Ghana October 22, 2015
  Greece List Geoffrey Pyatt CD Athens [20] July 14, 2016
  Grenada [10] List Linda Swartz Taglialatela CD Bridgetown December 9, 2015
  Guatemala List Luis Arreaga CD Guatemala October 4, 2017
  Guinea-Bissau [22] List Tulinabo S. Mushingi CD Bissau VPP May 18, 2017
Guinea Guinea-Conakry List Dennis Hankins CD Conakry October 22, 2015
  Guyana List Perry Holloway CD Georgetown August 5, 2015
  Haiti List Michele J. Sison CD Port-au-Prince November 2, 2017
  Holy See ( Vatican City) List Callista Gingrich PA Vatican [21] October 16, 2017
  Honduras List Vacant since June 2017
Heide B. Fulton, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Tegucigalpa
  Hungary List Vacant since January 20, 2017
David J. Kostelancik, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Budapest
  Iceland List Vacant since January 20, 2017
Jill Esposito, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Reykjavik
  India List Kenneth Juster PA New Delhi [22] November 2, 2017
  Indonesia List Joseph R. Donovan Jr. CD Jakarta [23] September 28, 2016
  Iran List No diplomatic relations since April 7, 1980. Informal contact via the U.S. Interests Section in the Swiss embassy.
Virtual Embassy Tehran open since December 2011.
  Iraq List Douglas Alan Silliman CD Baghdad [24] July 14, 2016
Republic of Ireland Ireland List Vacant since January 20, 2017
Reece Smyth, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Dublin [25]
  Israel List David M. Friedman PA Jerusalem [26] March 23, 2017
  Italy [23] List Lewis Eisenberg PA Rome [27] August 3, 2017
  Ivory Coast List Vacant since August 2016
Andrew Haviland, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Abidjan
  Jamaica List Vacant since July 2017
Eric Khant, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Kingston
  Japan List William F. Hagerty PA Tokyo [28] July 13, 2017
  Jordan List Vacant since January 20, 2017
Henry Wooster Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Amman
  Kazakhstan List George Krol CD Astana November 20, 2014
  Kenya List Robert Godec CD Nairobi [29] June 24, 2015
  Kuwait List Lawrence Robert Silverman CD Kuwait City July 14, 2016
  Kyrgyzstan List Vacant since September, 2017
John Bernlohr Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Bishkek
  Laos List Rena Bitter CD Vientiane September 28, 2016
  Latvia List Nancy Pettit CD Riga June 24, 2015
  Lebanon List Elizabeth Holzhall Richard CD Beirut May 17, 2016
  Lesotho List Rebecca Eliza Gonzales CD Maseru November 16, 2017
  Liberia List Christine A. Elder CD Monrovia May 17, 2016
  Libya List Vacant since January, 2018
Stephanie T. Williams Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Tripoli
  Liechtenstein [24] List Ed McMullen PA Bern November 2, 2017
  Lithuania List Anne Hall CD Vilnius July 14, 2016
  Luxembourg List Vacant since January 20, 2017
Kerri S. Hannan Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Luxembourg
Republic of Macedonia Macedonia List Jess Baily CD Skopje December 16, 2014
  Madagascar [17] List Robert Yamate CD Antananarivo November 19, 2014
  Malawi List Virginia E. Palmer CD Lilongwe December 12, 2014
  Malaysia List Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir CD Kuala Lumpur December 9, 2016
  Maldives [25] List Atul Keshap CD Colombo August 5, 2015
  Mali List Paul Folmsbee CD Bamako May 23, 2015
  Malta List G. Kathleen Hill CD Attard [30] December 9, 2015
  Marshall Islands List Karen B. Stewart CD Majuro May 17, 2016
  Mauritania List Michael Dodman CD Nouakchott November 2, 2017
  Mauritius [26] List David Dale Reimer CD Port Louis November 2, 2017
  Mexico List Vacant since May 5, 2018
William H. Duncan, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Mexico City [31]
Federated States of Micronesia Micronesia List Robert Riley CD Kolonia May 17, 2016
  Moldova List James Pettit CD Chişinău [32] November 20, 2014
  Monaco [19] [27] List Jamie Luskin McCourt PA Paris November 2, 2017
  Mongolia List Vacant since January, 2018
Manuel P. Micaller Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Ulaanbaatar [33]
  Montenegro List Margaret A. Uyehara CD Podgorica December 16, 2014
  Morocco List Vacant since January 20, 2017
Stephanie Miley, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Rabat
  Mozambique List H. Dean Pittman CD Maputo November 19, 2015
  Namibia List Lisa A. Johnson CD Windhoek November 16, 2017
  Nauru [18] List Vacant since March 2018
Michael Goldman, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Suva
    Nepal List Alaina B. Teplitz CD Kathmandu August 5, 2015
  Netherlands List Pete Hoekstra PA The Hague [34] November 9, 2017
  New Zealand [28] List Scott Brown PA Wellington [35] June 8, 2017
  Nicaragua List Laura Farnsworth Dogu CD Managua August 5, 2015
  Niger List Eric P. Whitaker CD Niamey November 2, 2017
  Nigeria List W. Stuart Symington CD Abuja September 28, 2016
  North Korea The United States does not maintain diplomatic relations with North Korea. Limited consular matters handled by the Swedish embassy. [29]
  Norway List Kenneth Braithwaite PA Oslo [36] December 21, 2017
  Oman List Marc Jonathan Sievers CD Muscat November 19, 2015
  Pakistan List David Hale CD Islamabad [37] August 5, 2015
  Palau [30] List Amy J. Hyatt CD Koror December 12, 2014
  Panama List Vacant since January 12, 2018
Roxanne Cabral, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Panama City
  Papua New Guinea [31] List Catherine Ebert-Gray CD Port Moresby December 9, 2015
  Paraguay List M. Lee McClenny (N/A) Asunción December 21, 2017
  Peru List Krishna Urs CD Lima August 3, 2017
  Philippines [30] List Sung Y. Kim CD Manila [38] September 28, 2016
  Poland List Georgette Mosbacher N/A Warsaw [39] September 6, 2018
  Portugal List George Edward Glass PA Lisbon [40] August 3, 2017
  Qatar List Vacant since June 20, 2017
Ryan M. Gliha, Chargé d'Affaires a.i [32]
(N/A) Doha
  Romania List Hans G. Klemm CD Bucharest August 5, 2015
  Russia List Jon Huntsman Jr. PA Moscow [41] October 3, 2017
  Rwanda List Erica Barks-Ruggles CD Kigali November 17, 2014
  Saint Kitts and Nevis [10] List Linda Swartz Taglialatela CD Bridgetown December 9, 2015
  Saint Lucia [10] List Linda Swartz Taglialatela CD Bridgetown December 9, 2015
  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [10] List Linda Swartz Taglialatela CD Bridgetown December 9, 2015
  Samoa [28] List Scott Brown PA Matafele Apia June 8, 2017
  San Marino [23] List Lewis Eisenberg PA Florence [42]
San Marino VPP
August 3, 2017
  São Tomé and Príncipe [21] List Cynthia Akuetteh CD Libreville July 30, 2014
  Saudi Arabia List Vacant since January 9, 2017
Christopher Henzel, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Riyadh
  Senegal [22] List Tulinabo S. Mushingi CD Dakar May 18, 2017
  Serbia List Kyle Randolph Scott CD Belgrade December 9, 2015
  Seychelles [26] List David Dale Reimer CD Port Louis November 2, 2017
  Sierra Leone List Maria Brewer CD Freetown August 3, 2017
  Singapore List Vacant since January 20, 2017
Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Singapore
  Slovakia List Adam Sterling CD Bratislava May 17, 2016
  Slovenia List Brent Hartley CD Ljubljana November 20, 2014
  Solomon Islands [31] List Catherine Ebert-Gray CD Port Moresby December 9, 2015
  Somalia [33] [34] List Vacant since October, 2017
Martin Dale, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Somalia VPP
  South Africa List Vacant since December 16, 2016
Jessye Lapenn, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Pretoria [43]
  South Korea List Harry B. Harris Jr. (N/A) Seoul [44] June 28, 2018
  South Sudan List Mary Catherine Phee CD Juba [45] June 24, 2015
  Spain [9] List Duke Buchan PA Madrid November 2, 2017
  Sri Lanka [25] List Atul Keshap CD Colombo August 5, 2015
  Sudan [35] List Vacant since February 7, 1996
Jerry P. Lanier, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Khartoum
  Suriname List Karen L. Williams CD Paramaribo August 22, 2018
  Swaziland List Lisa J. Peterson CD Mbabane November 19, 2015
  Sweden List Vacant since January 20, 2017
David Lindwall, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Stockholm
   Switzerland [24] List Ed McMullen PA Bern November 2, 2017
  Syria [36] List Vacant since February 28, 2014
Michael Ratney, Special Envoy
(N/A) Damascus
  Taiwan Since January 19, 1979, diplomatic relations have been carried out by the American Institute in Taiwan
Taipei Office
  Tajikistan List Vacant since October 2017 (N/A) Dushanbe
  Tanzania List Vacant since October 2016
Inmi Patterson, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Dar es Salaam [46]
  Thailand List Glyn T. Davies CD Bangkok [47] August 5, 2015
  Togo List David Gilmour CD Lomé October 8, 2015
  Tonga [18] List Vacant since March 2018
Michael Goldman, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Tonga
  Trinidad and Tobago List Vacant since January 20, 2017
John McIntyre, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Port of Spain
  Tunisia List Daniel Rubinstein CD Tunis October 8, 2015
  Turkey List Vacant since October 15, 2017
Philip Kosnett, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Ankara
  Turkmenistan List Allan Mustard CD Ashgabat November 19, 2014
  Tuvalu [18] List Vacant since March 2018
Michael Goldman, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Suva
  Uganda List Deborah R. Malac CD Kampala November 19, 2015
  Ukraine List Marie L. Yovanovitch CD Kiev [48] July 14, 2016
  United Arab Emirates List Barbara Leaf CD Abu Dhabi [49] November 17, 2014
  United Kingdom [37] List Woody Johnson PA London [50] August 3, 2017
  Uruguay List Kelly Keiderling/ Kenn George CD Montevideo May 17, 2016/June 28, 2018
  Uzbekistan List Pamela Spratlen CD Tashkent November 20, 2014
  Vanuatu [31] List Catherine Ebert-Gray CD Port Moresby December 9, 2015
  Venezuela List Vacant since July 16, 2010
Lee McClenny, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. [38]
(N/A) Caracas [51]
  Vietnam List Daniel J. Kritenbrink CD Hanoi October 26, 2017
  Yemen List Vacant since February 12, 2015
Richard H. Riley, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Sana’a
  Zambia List Daniel Lewis Foote CD Lusaka November 2, 2017
  Zimbabwe List Brian A. Nichols CD Harare June 28, 2018
  Abkhazia The Republic of Abkhazia is not recognized by the United Nations or by the United States.
  Northern Cyprus The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognized by the United Nations or by the United States.
  Palestine The Palestinian State is not recognized by the United States.
  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is not recognized by the United Nations or by the United States [39]
  South Ossetia The Republic of South Ossetia is not recognized by the United Nations or by the United States.

Ambassadors to international organizations

Current ambassadors from the United States to international organizations:

Host organization List Location Ambassador Background Website Confirmed
African Union List Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Mary Beth Leonard CD Addis Ababa June 29, 2016
Association of Southeast Asian Nations List Jakarta, Indonesia Vacant since January 20, 2017
Jane Bocklage, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Jakarta
Conference on Disarmament List Geneva, Switzerland Robert Wood CD Geneva July 15, 2014
European Union List Brussels, Belgium Vacant since January 20, 2017
Adam Shub, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Brussels [52]
International Civil Aviation Organization List Montreal, Quebec, Canada Vacant since January 20, 2017
Sam Kotis, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Montreal
North Atlantic Treaty Organization List Brussels, Belgium Kay Bailey Hutchison PA Brussels August 3, 2017
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development List Paris, France Vacant since January 20, 2017
Peter Haas, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Paris
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons List The Hague, Netherlands Kenneth Ward CD The Hague December 7, 2015
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe List Vienna, Austria Vacant since January 20, 2017
Katie Marie Byrnes, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Vienna [53]
Organization of American States List Washington, D.C., United States Carlos Trujillo PA Washington, D.C. March 22, 2018
United Nations List New York, United States Nikki Haley [40] PA New York City January 24, 2017
United Nations (Deputy) List Washington, D.C., United States Michele J. Sison CD Washington, D.C. November 19, 2014
United Nations (Management and Reform) List New York, United States Vacant since January 20, 2017 (N/A) New York City
United Nations (Special Political Affairs) List New York, United States Vacant since January 20, 2017 (N/A) New York City
United Nations Economic and Social Council List New York, United States Kelley Eckels Currie (N/A) New York City August 3, 2017
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization List Paris, France Vacant since January 20, 2017
Chris Hegadorn, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Paris
United Nations Human Rights Council List Geneva, Switzerland Vacant since January 20, 2017
Theodore Allegra, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Geneva
United Nations International Organizations in Geneva List Geneva, Switzerland Vacant since January 20, 2017
Theodore Allegra, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Geneva
United Nations International Organizations in Nairobi List Nairobi, Kenya Robert F. Godec CD Nairobi January 2, 2013
United Nations International Organizations in Rome List Rome, Italy Vacant since August 9, 2016
Thomas M. Duffy, Chargé d'Affaires a.i
(N/A) Rome
United Nations International Organizations in Vienna List Vienna, Austria Vacant since August 4, 2014
Andrew Schofer, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.
(N/A) Vienna


Current Ambassadors-at-Large from the United States with worldwide responsibility: [41] [42]

Portfolio List Ambassador Background Website Confirmed
Counterterrorism (Coordinator) List Nathan Alexander Sales PA [54] August 3, 2017
Global AIDS Combat (Coordinator) List Deborah L. Birx PA [55] April 4, 2014
Global Criminal Justice List Todd F. Buchwald CD [56] December 30, 2015
Global Women's Issues List Vacant (N/A) [57]
International Religious Freedom List Sam Brownback PA [58] January 24, 2018
Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (Director) List Susan P. Coppedge PA [59] October 19, 2015

Other Chiefs of Mission

Senior diplomatic representatives of the United States hosted in posts other than embassies. Unlike other consulates, these persons report directly to the Secretary of State.

Host country List Ambassador Title Website Appointed
  Curaçao [43] List Margaret Hawthorne Consul General and Chief of Mission Curaçao April 2016
  Hong Kong [44] List Kurt Tong Consul General and Chief of Mission Hong Kong [60] August 27, 2016
  Jerusalem [45] List Donald Blome Consul General and Chief of Mission Jerusalem [61] July 27, 2015
  Macau [44] List Kurt Tong Consul General and Chief of Mission Hong Kong [62] August 27, 2016
  Taiwan List Kin W. Moy Director Taipei [63] June 8, 2015

Special Envoys, Representatives and Coordinators

These diplomatic officials report directly to the Secretary of State. Many oversee a portfolio not restricted to one nation, often an overall goal, and are not usually subject to Senate confirmation. [46] [42] [47]

Portfolio Officeholder (Title) Website Appointed
Afghanistan and Pakistan Vacant since November 17, 2016 (Special Representative)
Laurel Miller, acting
Arctic Region Vacant since January 20, 2017 (Special Representative) [65]
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Matthew Matthews (Senior Official) [66] May 17, 2015
Assistance to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia Alina Romanowski (Coordinator) [67] March 9, 2015
Biological & Toxin Weapons Convention Issues Robert Wood (Special Representative) [68] October 2, 2014
Burma Vacant since November 19, 2014 (Senior Advisor) [69]
Central African Republic Stuart Symington (Special Representative) [70] April 21, 2014
Civil Society and Emerging Democracies Vacant since October 31, 2014 (Coordinator) [71]
Climate Change Vacant since January 20, 2017 (Special Envoy) [72]
Closure of the Guantánamo Detention Facility Vacant since January 20, 2017 (Special Envoy) [73]
Commercial and Business Affairs Vacant (Special Representative)
Margaret Hawley, acting
Conference on Disarmament Robert Wood (Special Representative) [75] October 2, 2014
Counterterrorism Justin Siberell (Coordinator) [76] July 9, 2012
Cyber Issues Christopher Painter (Coordinator) [77] February 22, 2011
Environment and Water Resources Vacant (Special Representative) [78]
Fissile Material Negotiator Michael Guhin (Senior Cutoff Coordinator) [79] August 10, 2009
Global Coalition to Counter ISIL Brett H. McGurk (Special Presidential Envoy) [80] November 13, 2015
Global Criminal Justice Todd Buchwald (Special Coordinator) [81] December 30, 2015
Global Engagement Center Vacant [82]
Global Food Security Vacant (Special Representative)
Ted Lyng, acting
Global Health Diplomacy Deborah L. Birx (Special Representative/Ambassador) [84] April 14, 2014
Global Partnerships Vacant (Special Representative)
Thomas Debass, acting
Global Youth Issues Andy Rabens (Special Advisor) [86] October 19, 2014
Great Lakes Region of Africa Laurence D. Wohlers (Special Envoy) [87] January 2017
Haiti Kenneth Merten (Special Coordinator) [88] August 17, 2015
Holocaust Issues Thomas K. Yazdgerdi (Special Envoy)
Stu Eizenstat (Special Advisor)
[89] August 22, 2016
December 18, 2013
Hostage Affairs James O'Brien (Special Presidential Envoy) [90] August 28, 2015
Human Rights of LGBTI Persons Randy W. Berry (Special Envoy) [91] April 13, 2015
International Communications and Information Policy Vacant (Coordinator/Ambassador) [92]
International Disabilities Rights Vacant (Special Advisor) [93]
International Energy Affairs Vacant (Special Envoy and Coordinator)
Mary Warlick acting
International Information Programs Vacant (Coordinator)
Jonathan Henick, acting
International Information Technology Diplomacy Vacant (Senior Coordinator) [96]
International Labor Affairs Vacant (Special Representative) [97]
Iran Nuclear Implementation Vacant(Coordinator) [98]
Israel and the Palestinian Authority Frederick Rudesheim (Security Coordinator) [99] January 2015
Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Frank Lowenstein (Special Envoy) [100] July 1, 2014
Knowledge Management Vacant (Senior Coordinator) [101]
Libya Vacant since January 20, 2017 (Special Envoy)
Middle East Transitions Vacant (Special Coordinator) [102]
Minsk Vacant (Senior Representative) [103]
Monitor and Combat Anti-semitism Vacant (Special Envoy) [104]
Muslim Communities Vacant (Special Representative) [105]
Nonproliferation and Arms Control Vacant since June 10, 2010 (Special Advisor) [106]
North Korea Policy Joseph Yun (Special Representative) [107] October 17, 2016
North Korean Human Rights Issues Vacant (Special Envoy) [108]
Northern Ireland Issues Vacant (Presidential Representative) [109]
Nuclear Nonproliferation Vacant (Special Representative of the President/Ambassador) [110]
Organization of Islamic Cooperation Vacant since February 13, 2015 (Special Envoy) [111]
Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review Vacant since July 6, 2015 (Special Representative) [112]
Religion and Global Affairs Vacant (Special Representative)
Amy Lillis, acting
Religious Minorities in the Near East and South/Central Asia Knox Thames (Special Envoy) [114] [115] September 28, 2015
Sanctions Policy Vacant (Coordinator) [116]
Science and Technology Vacant (Advisor) [117]
Secretary Initiatives Vacant (Special Advisor)
Senior Advisor to the Secretary Vacant (Senior Advisor)
Six-Party Talks Vacant since September 2015 (Special Envoy) [118]
Somalia Vacant (Special Representative) [119]
Sudan and South Sudan Vacant (Special Envoy) [120]
Syria Michael Ratney (Special Envoy) [121] July 27, 2015
Threat Reduction Programs Bonnie Jenkins (Coordinator/Ambassador) [122] July 13, 2009
Tibetan Issues Vacant (Special Coordinator) [123]
Transparency Janice Jacobs (Coordinator) September 8, 2015
Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker (Special Representative) [124] July 7, 2017

Nations without exchange of ambassadors

  • Bhutan: According to the U.S. State Department, "The United States and the Kingdom of Bhutan have not established formal diplomatic relations; however, the two governments have informal and cordial relations". [48] Informal contact with the nation of Bhutan is maintained through the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. [48]
  • Iran: On April 7, 1980, the United States broke diplomatic relations with Iran after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. [49] On April 24, 1981, the Swiss government assumed representation of U.S. interests in Tehran, and Algeria assumed representation of Iranian interests in the United States. [50] Currently, Iranian interests in the United States are represented by the government of Pakistan. The U.S. Department of State named Iran a " State Sponsor of Terrorism" on January 19, 1984. [51]
  • North Korea: The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is not on friendly terms with the United States, and while talks between the two countries are ongoing, there is no exchange of ambassadors. Sweden functions as Protective Power for the United States in Pyongyang and performs limited consular responsibilities for U.S. citizens in North Korea. [52]
  • Taiwan: With the normalization of relations with the People's Republic of China in 1979, the United States has not maintained official diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Relations between Taiwan and the United States are maintained through an unofficial instrumentality, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, with headquarters in Taipei and field offices in Washington, D.C., and twelve other U.S. cities. The Taipei Office of the American Institute in Taiwan, a non-profit, public corporation, functions as a de facto embassy, performing most consular functions and staffed by Foreign Service Officers who are formally "on leave." [53]

Selected past ambassadors

Many well-known individuals have served the United States as ambassadors, or in formerly analogous positions such as envoy, including several who also became President of the United States (indicated in boldface below). Some notable ambassadors have included:

Ambassadors killed in office

Eight United States Ambassadors have been killed in office – six of them by armed attack and the other two in plane crashes. [54]

Name Ambassador to Place Country Date of death Killed by
Laurence Steinhardt Canada Ramsayville, Ontario   Canada March 28, 1950 plane crash
John Mein Guatemala Guatemala City   Guatemala August 28, 1968 attack by Rebel Armed Forces
Cleo Noel Sudan Khartoum   Sudan March 2, 1973 attack by Black September Palestinian Terrorists
Rodger Davies Cyprus Nicosia   Cyprus August 19, 1974 attack during Greek Cypriot demonstration
Francis Meloy Lebanon Beirut   Lebanon June 16, 1976 attack by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Adolph Dubs Afghanistan Kabul   Afghanistan February 14, 1979 attack by Settam-e-Melli
Arnold Raphel Pakistan Bahawalpur   Pakistan August 17, 1988 plane crash
Chris Stevens Libya Benghazi   Libya September 11, 2012 attack by Ansar al-Sharia on a U.S. diplomatic mission

Ambassadors to past countries

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