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1961 American Football League draft
General Information
Date(s)November 21–22, 1960 &
December 5–6, 1960
240 total selections in 33 rounds
League AFL
First selection Bob Gaiters, HB
Denver Broncos
Mr. IrrelevantJim Stroud, T
Houston Oilers
Hall of Famers6
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1962 →

Because another league was in competition for the class of 1961 college stars, the American Football League draft for 1961 graduates was held in 1960, with a six-round telephone draft on November 21 and 22, that saw the Denver Broncos select New Mexico State's Bob Gaiters as the overall first draft pick. [1] [2] The draft was completed on December 5 and 6th, with rounds seven through thirty. The San Diego Chargers were still the " Los Angeles Chargers" in this draft, as their relocation was not announced until late January 1961. [3] [4] [5]

Boston Patriots draft picks (selected second)

Round Player Position College
1 Tommy Mason Tommy Mason Half back Tulane
2 Rip Hawkins Rip Hawkins Center North Carolina
3 Danny LaRose Danny LaRose Offensive end Missouri
4 Mike Zeno Mike Zeno Guard Virginia Tech
5 Fran Tarkenton Fran Tarkenton 4 Quarterback Georgia
6 Larry Eisenhauer Larry Eisenhauer 1 Tackle Boston College
7 Paul Terhes Paul Terhes Quarterback Bucknell
8 Charles Long Charles Long 1 Guard Tennessee-Chattanooga
9 Roland Lakes Roland Lakes Center Wichita
10 Richard MuellerRichard Mueller Offensive end Kentucky
11 Mel West Mel West Center Missouri
12 Wayne Harris Wayne Harris Center Arkansas
13 Dan Underwood Dan Underwood Tackle McNeese State
14 James Wright James Wright Quarterback Memphis State
16 George Balthazar George Balthazar Tackle Tennessee A&I
17 Ray Ratkowski Ray Ratkowski Halfback Notre Dame
18 Tom Rodgers Tom Rodgers Halfback Kentucky
19 Joe Bellino Joe Bellino Halfback Navy
20 Clarence Childs Clarence Childs Halfback Florida A&M
21 Don Oakes Don Oakes Guard Virginia Tech
22 Bob JohnsonBob Johnson Offensive end Michigan
23 Darrell DeDecker Darrell DeDecker Center Illinois
24 Don Webb Don Webb Halfback Iowa State
25 Robert Minihane Robert Minihane Tackle Boston
26 Charles Granger Charles Granger Tackle Southern
27 Terry Huxhold Terry Huxhold Tackle Wisconsin
28 Bryant Harvard Bryant Harvard Quarterback Auburn
29 Ernie McMillan Ernie McMillan Tackle Illinois
30 George Hultz George Hultz Tackle Mississippi Southern

Buffalo Bills draft picks (selected third)

Round Player Position College
1 Ken Rice Ken Rice 1 Tackle Auburn
2 Billy Shaw Billy Shaw 1,2,4 Tackle Georgia Tech
3 Art Baker Art Baker Fullback Syracuse (from New York)
3 Tom Gilburg Tom Gilburg Tackle Syracuse
4 Stew Barber Stew Barber 1 Tackle Penn State
5 Norm Snead Norm Snead Quarterback Wake Forest
6 Fred Brown Fred Brown Halfback Georgia
7 Albert Bemiller Albert Bemiller 1 Center Syracuse
8 Charles Linning Charles Linning Tackle Miami
9 William Majors William Majors Halfback Tennessee
10 Don Kern Don Kern Halfback VMI
11 Roy Wall Roy Wall Halfback North Carolina
12 Floyd Powers Floyd Powers Guard Mississippi State
13 Tom Causey Tom Causey Offensive end Louisiana Tech
14 Ron Kostelnik Ron Kostelnik Tackle Cincinnati
15 Jerry Frye Jerry Frye Offensive end South Carolina
16 Vincent Scott Vincent Scott Offensive end Maryland
17 Wayne Wolff Wayne Wolff Tackle Wake Forest
18 John Bodkin John Bodkin Guard South Carolina
19 Charles Barnes Charley Barnes Offensive end NE Louisiana State
20 Everett Cloud Everett Cloud Halfback Maryland
21 Larry Vargo Larry Vargo Offensive end Detroit
22 Charles Baker Charles Baker Tackle Tennessee
23 William Mack William "Red" Mack Halfback Notre Dame
24 Frank Jackunas Frank Jackunas Center Detroit
25 Jack Harbaugh Jack Harbaugh Halfback Bowling Green
26 Lorenzo Stanford Lorenzo Stanford Tackle North Carolina A & T
27 Bob Allen Bob Allen Offensive end Wake Forest
28 Jason Harness Jason Harness Offensive end Michigan State
29 Mike Stock Mike Stock Halfback Northwestern
30 William Martin William Martin Halfback Minnesota

Dallas Texans draft picks (selected sixth)

Round Player Position College
1 E.J. Holub E.J. Holub 1 Center Texas Tech
2 Bob Lilly Bob Lilly Tackle TCU
3 Jim Tyrer Jim Tyrer 1,2 Tackle Ohio State
4 Claude Moorman Claude Moorman Offensive End Duke
5 Jerry Mays Jerry Mays 1,2 Tackle Southern Methodist
7 Fred Arbanas Fred Arbanas 1,2 Offensive End Michigan State
8 John O'Day John O'Day Tackle Miami
9 Dick Mills Dick Mills Tackle Pittsburgh
10 Jerry Daniels Jerry Daniels Tackle Mississippi
11 Marvin Tibbets Marvin Tibbets Halfback Georgia Tech
12 Paul Hynes Paul Hynes Halfback Louisiana Tech
13 Glynn Gregory Glynn Gregory Halfback Southern Methodist
14 Curtis McClinton Curtis McClinton 1,3 Halfback Kansas
15 Ed Nutting Ed Nutting Tackle Georgia Tech
15 Roy Lee Rambo Roy Lee Rambo Guard TCU
16 Aaron Thomas Aaron Thomas Offensive End Oregon State
17 Jarrell Williams Jarrell Williams Halfback Arkansas
18 Ron Hartline Ron Hartline Fullback Oklahoma
19 Frank Jackson Frank Jackson Halfback Southern Methodist
20 Bobby Lane Bobby Lane Offensive End Baylor
21 Dick Thornton Dick Thornton Quarterback Northwestern
22 Ed Sharockman Ed Sharockman Halfback Pittsburgh
23 Lou Zivkovich Lou Zivkovich Tackle New Mexico State
24 Pat Dye Pat Dye Guard Georgia
25 Ray RamseyRay Ramsey Quarterback Adams State
26 Danny House Danny House Halfback Davidson
27 Bob Schloredt Bob Schloredt Quarterback Washington
28 Bill Stine Bill Stine Guard Michigan
29 Lonnie Caddell Lonnie Caddell Fullback Rice
30 Cedric Price Cedric Price Offensive End Kansas State

Denver Broncos draft picks (selected first)

Round Player Position College
1 Bob Gaiters Bob Gaiters Halfback New Mexico State
2 Jerry Hill Jerry Hill Halfback Wyoming
3 Charles Strange Charles Strange Center LSU
4 Roland McDole Ron McDole Tackle Nebraska
4 Arnold Davis Arnold Davis Offensive End Baylor
5 Charles Cowan Charles Cowan Offensive End Highlands
6 Dale Evans Dale Evans Halfback Kansas State
7 Pat Patchen Pat Patchen Offensive End Florida
9 Phil Nugent Phil Nugent Quarterback Tulane
10 Charles Sturgeon Charles Sturgeon Halfback Kentucky
11 John Simko John Simko Offensive End Augustana
12 Jerry Miller Jerry Miller Offensive End Howard Payne
13 Ron Greene Ron Greene Guard Washington State
14 Bill Cooper Bill Cooper Fullback Muskingum
15 Willie Crafts Willie Crafts Guard Texas A&I
16 Jim Larkin Jim Larkin Tackle Hillsdale
17 Chuck Weiss Chuck Weiss - Colorado
18 Chick Graning Chick Graning Halfback Georgia Tech
19 John Hobbs John Hobbs Guard Maryland State
20 Buck McLeod Buck McLeod Tackle Baylor
21 Jim Morgan Jim Morgan Halfback Iowa State Tech
22 Tom Hackler Tom Hackler Offensive End Tennessee Tech
23 Tom Jewell Tom Jewell Tackle Idaho State
24 E.A. Simms E.A. Simms Offensive End New Mexico State
25 Pete Samms Pete Samms Tackle Central Oklahoma
26 Sam Smith Sam Smith Halfback Florence State
27 Donald Olson Donald Olson Halfback Nebraska
28 Wayne Lee Wayne Lee Guard Colorado State
29 Archie Cobb Archie Cobb Tackle Nebraska
30 Dave MillsDave Mills Halfback Northeast Missouri Tech

Houston Oilers draft picks (selected eighth)

Round Player Position College
1 Tommy Mason Mike Ditka Offensive End Pittsburgh
2 Tom Goode Tom Goode Center Mississippi State
3 Walter Suggs Walter Suggs 1 Tackle Mississippi State
4 Bobby Walden Bobby Walden Halfback Georgia
5 Monte Lee Monte Lee Linebacker Texas
6 Jake Gibbs Jake Gibbs Quarterback Mississippi
7 Dick Reynolds Dick Reynolds Tackle North Carolina State
8 Houston Antwine Houston Antwine 1,2 Guard Southern Illinois
9 Ralph White Ralph White Tackle Bowling Green
10 Charles LeeCharles Lee Center Iowa
11 Robert BirdRobert Bird Guard Bowling Green
12 Bob McLeod Bob McLeod Offensive End Abilene Christian
13 Gerald Hinton Gerald Hinton Guard Louisiana Tech
14 Jimmy King Jimmy King Tackle Clemson
15 Dennis Ferriter Dennis Ferriter Center Marquette
16 Larry Wood Larry Wood Halfback Northwestern
17 Sam Fewell Sam Fewell Tackle South Carolina
18 Mike Grimsley Mike Grimsley Halfback Michigan State
19 Myron Pearson Myron Pearson Halfback Colorado
20 Lewis Johnson Lewis Johnson Halfback Florida A&M
21 Ron Miller Ron Miller Quarterback Wisconsin
22 Bob KellyBob Kelly Offensive End New Mexico State
23 James AndersonJames Anderson Fullback Mississippi
24 Ken Gregory Ken Gregory Offensive End Whittier
25 Jack Kreider Jack Kreider Halfback Tulsa
26 Don Fuell Don Fuell Quarterback Mississippi Southern
27 Boyd King Boyd King Center Rice
28 John Frongillo John Frongillo Center Baylor
29 Tom Lewis John Frongillo Offensive End Lake Forest
29 Tom Lewis Errol Linden Defensive End Houston
30 Tom LewisJim Stroud Tackle Rice

New York Titans draft picks (selected fifth)

Round Player Position College
1 Tom Brown Tom Brown Guard Minnesota
2 Herb Adderley Herb Adderley Halfback Michigan State
5 Tom Matte Tom Matte Quarterback Ohio State
6 Bill Brown Bill Brown Fullback Illinois
7 Fred Mautino Fred Mautino Offensive end Syracuse
8 Harold Beaty Harold Beaty Tackle Oklahoma State
9 Bernie Casey Bernie Casey Fullback Bowling Green
10 Joe Scibelli Joe Scibelli Tackle Notre Dame
11 Art Gilmore Art Gilmore Halfback Oregon State
12 Norris Stevenson Norris Stevenson Halfback Missouri
13 Joe Wendryhoski Joe Wendryhoski Tackle Illinois
14 Jim Cunningham Jim Cunningham Fullback Pittsburgh
15 Irv Cross Irv Cross Offensive end Northwestern
16 Jerry Steffen Jerry Steffen Halfback Colorado
17 Mike Plye Mike Plye Tackle Yale
18 Alfred BentleyAlfred Bentley Offensive end Arkansas State
19 Jim Kerr Jim Kerr Halfback Penn State
20 Neil Plumley Neil Plumley Tackle Oregon State
21 Bob Brooks Bob Brooks Fullback Ohio
22 Wayne Fontes Wayne Fontes Halfback Michigan State
23 Mickey Walker Mickey Walker Halfback Michigan State
24 Howard Dyer Howard Dyer Quarterback Virginia Military Institution
25 Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Halfback American International
26 Bob Smith Bob Smith Halfback UCLA
27 Moses Gray Moses Gray Tackle Indiana
28 Fred Cox Fred Cox Halfback Pittsburgh
30 William Mimerly William Mimerly Halfback Connecticut

Oakland Raiders draft picks (selected fourth)

Round Player Position College
1 Joe Rutgens Joe Rutgens Tackle Illinois
2 George Fleming George Fleming Halfback Washington
3 Myron Pottios Myron Pottios Linebacker Notre Dame
4 Elbert Kimbrough Elbert Kimbrough Defensive back Northwestern
5 Dick Norman Dick Norman Quarterback Stanford
6 Bobby Crespino Bobby Crespino Tight End Mississippi
7 Ray Purdin Ray Purdin Halfback Northwestern
8 Tom Watkins Tom Watkins Halfback Iowa State
8 Dick Price Dick Price Guard Mississippi
9 Lowndes Shingler Lowndes Shingler Quarterback Clemson
10 Ken Petersen Ken Petersen Tackle Utah
11 Doug Mayberry Doug Mayberry Fullback Utah State
12 Bob Schmitz Bob Schmitz Linebacker Montana State
13 Gerald Burch Gerald Burch Offensive end Georgia Tech
14 Clark Miller Clark Miller Defensive end Utah State
15 Bob Coolbaugh Bob Coolbaugh Offensive end Richmond
16 Chuck Lamson Chuck Lamson Defensive back Wyoming
17 Joe Novsek Joe Novsek Defensive end Tulsa
18 Joe Krakoski Joe Krakoski Defensive back Illinois
19 Charles Fuller Charles Fuller Halfback Cal State-San Francisco
20 Preston Powell Preston Powell Fullback Grambling
21 Mike JonesMike Jones Quarterback San Jose State
22 Blayne Jones Blayne Jones Guard Idaho State
23 Roger Fisher Roger Fisher Center Utah State
24 Jack NovakJack Novak Guard Miami
25 Paul Yanke Paul Yanke End Northwestern
26 Paul Yanke Dean Hinshaw Tackle Stanford
27 Paul Yanke Clair Appledoorn End San Jose State
28 Paul Yanke Dave Grosz Quarterback Oregon
29 Paul Yanke Ed Morris Tackle Indiana
30 Paul Yanke Bill Face Halfback Stanford

San Diego Chargers draft picks (selected seventh)

Round Player Position College
1 Earl Faison Earl Faison 1 Defensive end Indiana
2 Keith Lincoln Keith Lincoln 1 Halfback Washington State
3 Marlin McKeever Marlin McKeever End USC
4 Jimmy Johnson Jimmy Johnson Halfback UCLA
5 Billy Kilmer Billy Kilmer Quarterback UCLA
6 Calvin Bird Calvin Bird Halfback Kentucky
6 Cliff Roberts Cliff Roberts Tackle Illinois
7 Claude Gibson Claude Gibson Defensive back North Carolina State
8 Charley Johnson Charley Johnson Quarterback New Mexico State
9 Bob Scarpitto Bob Scarpitto 1 Quarterback Notre Dame
10 Willie Hector Willie Hector Guard College of Pacific
11 Greg Larson Greg Larson Center Minnesota
12 Hezekiah Braxton Hezekiah Braxton Fullback Virginia Union
13 Dale Messer Dale Messer Fullback Fresno State
14 Billy WilsonBilly Wilson Tackle Auburn
15 Ernie Ladd Ernie Ladd 1 Tackle Grambling
16 Bud Whitehead Bud Whitehead Defensive back Florida State
17 Reg Carolan Reggie Carolan End Idaho
18 Ed Dyas Ed Dyas Fullback Auburn
19 Jack Espenship Jack Espenship Halfback Florida
20 Mike Lucci Mike Lucci Center Tennessee
21 Gene Gaines Gene Gaines Halfback UCLA
22 John Brown John Brown Tackle Syracuse
23 Glenn Bass Glenn Bass Halfback East Carolina
24 Ben Balme Ben Balme Guard Yale
25 Don Coffee Don Coffee End Memphis State
26 Bill Kinnune Bill Kinnune Guard Washington
27 Luther Hayes Luther Hayes End USC
28 Chuck Allen Chuck Allen Guard Washington
29 Dan Ficca Dan Ficca Tackle USC
30 Mike McKeever Mike McKeever Guard USC

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Denver Broncos Donnie Stone  RB Arkansas SWC
Denver Broncos Jerry Sturm  C Illinois Big Ten
New York Giants Dainard Paulson  S Oregon State Ind.
San Diego Chargers Bo Roberson  WR Cornell Ivy

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