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The Tenth Alaska State Legislature served from January 1977 to January 1979.


District Name Party Location
A Robert H. Ziegler, Sr. Democratic Ketchikan
B H. D. "Pete" Meland Democratic Sitka
C Bill Ray Democratic Juneau
D Jalmar M. Kerttula Democratic Palmer
E Chancy Croft Democratic Anchorage
Bill Sumner Republican Anchorage
F W. E. "Brad" Bradley Republican Eagle River
Edward C. Willis Democratic Anchorage
G Patrick M. Rodey Democratic Anchorage
H Joseph L. Orsini Republican Anchorage
I Mike Colletta Republican Anchorage
J John L. Rader Republican Anchorage
K Clem V. Tillion Republican Homer
L Kathryn Poland Democratic Kodiak
M George H. Hohman, Jr. Democratic Bethel
N John C. Sackett Republican Galena
O John Butrovich, Jr. Republican Fairbanks
W. Glenn Hackney Republican Fairbanks
John Huber Democratic Fairbanks
P Frank R. Ferguson Democratic Kotzebue


District Name Party Location
1 Oral E. Freeman Democratic Ketchikan
Terry Gardiner Democratic Ketchikan
2 Ernest J. Haugen Republican Petersburg
3 Richard I. Eliason Republican Sitka
4 Jim Duncan Democratic Juneau
M. Michael Miller Democratic Juneau
5 Keith W. Specking (1-3-77 - 4-25-77) [1] Republican Hope
Peter Lovseth (5-4-77 - 1-2-79) [2] Republican Hope
6 Alfred O. Ose Democratic Palmer
7 Michael F. Beirne Republican Anchorage
Clark Gruening Democratic Anchorage
Russ Meekins, Jr. Democratic Anchorage
Bill Miles Democratic Anchorage
8 Bob Bradley Republican Anchorage
Samuel R. Cotten Democratic Eagle River
Tim Kelly Republican Anchorage
Randy Phillips Republican Eagle River
9 Thelma Buchholdt Democratic Anchorage
Joseph H. McKinnon Democratic Anchorage
10 C. V. Chatterton Republican Anchorage
Richard K. Urion Republican Anchorage
11 Kris W. Lethin Republican Anchorage
Lisa Rudd Democratic Anchorage
12 Ed Dankworth Republican Anchorage
Joe L. Hayes Republican Anchorage
13 Hugh Malone Democratic Anchorage
Leo Rhode Republican Homer
14 Merle G. Snider Democratic Kodiak
15 Alvin Osterback Democratic Sand Point
16 Martin Severson (1-3-77 - 3-11-77) [3] Democratic Dillingham
Nels A. Anderson, Jr. (3-11-77 - 1-2-79) Democratic Dillingham
17 Phillip Guy Democratic Kwethluk
18 William Akers Republican Emmonak
19 Leslie E. "Red" Swanson Democratic Nenana
20 Don Bennett Republican Fairbanks
Fred E. Brown Democratic Fairbanks
Larry Carpenter Republican Fairbanks
Steve Cowper Democratic Fairbanks
Charles H. Parr Democratic Fairbanks
Sarah J. "Sally" Smith Democratic Fairbanks
21 Leo P. Schaeffer, Jr. Democratic Kotzebue
22 Alfred C. Nakak Democratic Nome


Alaska Legislature Roster of Members 1913-2010 (pdf). Juneau: Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency. 2010. pp. 55–56.

Specific and Notes

  1. ^ Resigned.
  2. ^ Appointed to fill the vacancy caused by Specking's resignation.
  3. ^ Appointed as an interim pending recount between Anderson and Joe McGill.