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The Young Art Journalism Feed and Awards (YAJA).[1] is an annual award celebrating student excellence in journalistic expression about Arts & Culture topics.


YAJA is an altruistic approach at supporting students from Higher Education degrees who otherwise struggle to find meaningful work experience opportunities. Research has confirmed that particularly students enrolled in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences struggle to find relevant experiential learning opportunities[2] [3]

The award was established in November 2015. Students joining the YAJA community find their published articles in a separate YAJA news feed[4]. Each entry into the YAJA news feed is also published on the Art News Portal news feed[5]. In doing so, the co-founders ensure that an international audience of arts & culture focused enthusiasts will have the opportunity to read YAJA articles, even without awareness for the YAJA news feed. Further, the level of online audience engagement across the news feeds and affiliated social media channels contributes to finding the candidate for the People's Choice award.

Within the inaugural year, YAJA received submissions from students from around the world[4] and attracted student media[6] and industry associations[7] to spread the word about YAJA.

Award Categories[edit]

The awards are divided into five categories: · Overall Winner · Finalists (the two runner-ups) · Best Video · People's Choice · Editor's Choice

A dedicated group of international academics and media industry professionals volunteer their time to contribute to the YAJA Judging Panel[8], ensuring that awards are only given to the best arts & culture articles submitted.

Students willing to publish their Arts & Culture articles on YAJA have to register their details before uploading any content. However, joining the YAJA-community is free. YAJA is a crowd-funded and independent program that relies on sponsorships and donations in kind[9].

YAJA in the Media[edit]

Nottingham Trent University acknowledged their student Malvika Padin (2018 People's Choice Award) for her outstanding work as an emerging Journalist.[10]

German magazine Arts Management Quarterly[11] dedicated the entire issue no. 126 to YAJA, including an editorial from co-founder Volker Janssen and a selection of student articles submitted for consideration as YAJA award candidates. [12]


Year Recipient Award University/School, Country
2018 Chloe Lalonde Overall Winner[13] Concordia University, Canada
2018 Khethokuhle Mthethwa Finalist[14] North-West University, South Africa
2018 Phoebe Lai Finalists[15] Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Robert McGain
Kobie Lee
2018 Holly Chik Best Video[16] Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Michelle Ng
Angela Cheung
2018 Miranda Hine Editor's Choice[17] University of Queensland, Australia
2018 Malvika Padin People's Choice[18] Nottingham Trent University, England
2017 Nadeem Achmed Overall Winner[19] Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India
2017 Nurudeen Oyewole Finalist[20] University of Lagos, Nigeria
2017 Emma Harvey Finalist[21] Macquarie University, Australia
2017 Anastasia McInerney People's Choice[22] RMIT University, Australia
2017 Jasmijn van Houten Editors' Choice[23] RMIT University, Australia
2017 Marcus Johnson Best Mobile Journalism[24] Victorian College of the Arts, Australia
2016 Julia Shimf Overall Winner[25] Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
2016 Ambre Sachet Finalist[26] Concordia University, Canada
2016 Madeleine Clarke Finalist[27] University of Technology Sydney, Australia
2016 Melina Livermore Editors' Choice[28] St. Lawrence College, Ontario, Canada
2016 Abhinay Lakshman People's Choice[29] University of Newcastle (Australia), Australia


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