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X-boxin aka X box (also Ye Gaung Phoo, born on 20 May 1992) is a famous Hip-Hop artist who is most known for his award winning song "Ever New" for 'Most Talented Rap Star of The Year'[1][2]

Native name
Ye Gaung Phoo
Born20 May 1992
Myeik, Myanmar
Years active2010- present

Early Life and Education[edit]

X boxin was born on 20 May 1992 in Myeik, Myanmar. He is the youngest among his siblings. He attended a private school.

Music Career[edit]

2010-2013: Career beginnings[edit]

X-Boxin Started his music career as a teenage freestyle rapper. Sharpening his rhyme at Yangon's underground freestyle competitions where he was discovered by Hip Hop legend J-Me. [3]He dropped his first Mix tape in 2013.

2014-2018: "9'' and "99"[edit]

He released a collaborative album "Four Album" with Htet Yan, Shwe Htoo and Lil' z in 2014.[4] He then released his solo single album "9" in 2016[5] and "99" in 2018.

2019 and Present:[edit]

X boxin is set to release a song collaborating with a Thai rock band "MILD".

Personal life[edit]


X Boxin is not in any kind of romantic relationship.

Legal issues[edit]

X Boxin was remanded in custody due to alleged drug possession on 18 August 2015.[6]


X Boxin is a Buddhist.

Brand Ambassadorship[edit]

X boxin was appointed as a brand ambassador for Veve Beverages on 2015 and later Oppo Mobile on 2017.


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