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World Youth Forum
منتدى شباب العالم
World Youth Forum 2018
Founded2017 (Annual Event)
PurposeYouth Empowerment
Official language
English, Arabic

World Youth Forum (WYF) is an annual event held in November with the aim of bringing together youth from around the globe. The event bears a message of peace, prosperity, and harmony from Egypt the cradle of 7000 years of history and culture and the incubator to the world’s greatest civilizations. The World Youth Forum is held in Sharm El Sheikh, under the auspices of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. It has become an effective platform engaging youth of different nationalities in dynamic dialogue on pressing topics, and in generating collaborative ideas. It is a chance to propel global conversation and a deeper understanding of the culture of peace, co-existence and mutual respect among all peoples. Since its Launch in 2017, World Youth Forum had 2 editions starting with over 3200 Attendees from 113 countries and reaching a total of 5,000 delegates in 2018 between the ages of 18–40 from 169 countries.

The forum became an annual event after following one of its recommendations in 2017.[1]

The Begining[edit]

Under the slogan «Innovate, Advance», H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched the National Youth Conferences, which turned to be a platform for direct dialogue between the Egyptian state with its various institutions and the promising Egyptian youth who aspire to have a better future for their country.

On the 25thof April 2017, on the banks of the Suez Canal, a group of young Egyptians at the National Youth Conference in Ismailia presented their initiative to engage in a dialogue with the youth of the world. On the 24thof July 2017, during the National Youth Conference in Alexandria and from the Bibliotheca Alexandria, the President of the Republic H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi, officially announced the launch of the World Youth Forum to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2017. Inviting youth from around the world, to express their visions for the future of their countries.[2]

Egypt launched the first edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF) in 2017, to be a global platform that aims at bringing together proactive youth from different nationalities and backgrounds to discuss a wide array of issues and topics that are of concern to the global population. The Forum provides an opportunity for young generations to share their vision and express their ideas in order to promote an open dialogue among different cultures and civilization and to send a message of peace, unity, harmony, and progress to the entire world. The forum engages youth in an enriching environment, allowing them to interact with top policymakers, and network with promising youth from the region and the entire world.

World Youth Forum 2017


TheTriangle: Symbolizing the Egyptian pyramids, which reflect the ancient civilization of the ancient Egyptians. The Square: Expresses the map of the world which brings diversity, cultures, and civilizations of the world to the land of Egypt,while Circle: Symbolizes the youth of the world, being the heart of the world that will lead its future and be catalysts for change.[3]


Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the most remarkable resorts worldwide. Geographically it is the meeting point between Asia and Africa. It is the land where the purity of the beautiful nature combines with the modern entertainment facilities, which makes it one of the highly demanded touristic attractions. It is ranked as the fourth-best diving spot in the world according to BBC in 2005. Moreover, Sharm El- Sheikh through the past years hosted several international political and economic conventions, as Summit of Peacemakers in 1996, Sharm El-Sheikh Summit in 2005, the 15th Summit Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Non- Aligned Movement. As well as holding Conferences designated for youth such as The First National Youth Conference held in October 2016 and the first World Youth Forum held in November 2017.

World Youth Forum Editions[edit]

World Youth Forum 2017[edit]

Egypt held the first edition of the World Youth Forum from 4 -10 November, 3200 young participants from 113 countries came together to discuss and get engaged in a dynamic dialogue. More than 222 Speakers from more than 64 countries participated in multiple sessions and discussions were held to tackle global issues and topics under the three main tracks: Peace, Development, and Creativity.

WYF 2017 was launched under the hashtag #weneedtotalk to highlight the necessity of having an open discussion between youth from all over the globe to bring forward a message of peace and prosperity. It focused on the need for fighting terrorism and preventing terrorist groups from gaining access to weapons which threatens nations. Among WYF 2017 keynote speakers was Lamya Haji Bashar[4], Yazidi survivor, who was held captive by ISIS. [5][6]

Through 46 sessions and 70 working hours, the forum program included six main Pillars, which discussed global issues, and topics that concerned youth around the world. The themes titled: Global Youth Issues; Sustainable Development; Entrepreneurship and Technology; Cultural and Civilization Dialogue; Future Leaders Development; In addition, the forum witnessed a simulation of the UN Security Council through WYF-MUN[7]

Over the next five days, young people from Egypt and around the world will explore the pressing issues of our day and the vital roles that youth can and must play in addressing them. This a moment for young people to seize – to share experiences, imagine a better future, nurture hope, challenge conventional wisdom, and propose practical solutions.

— Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator, [8]


  1. Calling on the organizing committee of the World Youth Forum, under the direct supervision of the President’s Office, to take the necessary measures to transform the forum into an international center for the Arab-African dialogue among the youth of the world, aiming at activating dialogue among them for achieving peace and development.
  2. Calling on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with all concerned bodies of the State and international organizations and institutions, headed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, to adopt the resolutions of the simulated model of the UN Security Council implemented by the youth of Egypt and the world and its implementation in future forums to all international and regional institutions and organizations.
  3. Calling on the Organizing Committee of the World Youth Forum, in coordination with the State organs and institutions, to hold the Forum annually in November in Sharm El-Sheikh.
  4. Calling on the Ministries of Culture, Antiquities, Higher Education and Scientific Research and Planning to take the necessary steps to establish a center for cultural integration aimed at activating mechanisms of acquaintance and rapprochement of cultures between the youth of the world, in order to achieve the principle of integration: the integration of civilizations and cultures
  5. Calling on the Organizing Committee of the World Youth Forum, in coordination with all state agencies and institutions, to establish the Egyptian-African Youth Center, which aims at providing care for the youth capacities of the people of the African continent in all fields.
  6. Calling on the Board of Trustees of the National Academy for Youth Training to implement a plan for academic and cultural exchange with all academies, institutes and training centers corresponding to it and to allocate a number of seats for students from Arab, African, Asian and Latin American countries.
  7. Calling on the Organizing Committee of the World Youth Forum to form a committee of experts from around the world to develop an international strategy to address the issues of irregular migration, extremism, and illiteracy, and to propose a strategy for discussion through the activities implemented by the Forum starting at the beginning of 2018.
  8. Calling on the Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Communications and Information Technology in coordination with the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and the Egyptian universities to establish a regional center for the care of technological innovation that provides scientific and financial support for technology innovators from Arab and African countries.
  9. Calling on the Organizing Committee of the World Youth Forum to host youth delegations from around the world to hold workshops and seminars throughout 2018 on the various issues and topics discussed during the forum and activate all modern communication mechanisms to ensure the widest participation base in dialogue among young people around the world.
  10. Calling on the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in coordination with the relevant ministries, to establish a regional center to support entrepreneurship and finance small and micro-enterprises.

World Youth Forum 2018[edit]

The second edition of the World Youth Forum was held from 3-6 November 2018. Over 5000 young people from different nationalities and backgrounds came to engage and network. In its second edition, the World Youth Forum continued stressing on its role being a platform for youth to voice their opinions about global challenges that face our world today from a youth perspective. World Youth Forum 2018 presented numerous opportunities for youth to participate through panels, roundtables, and workshops. In addition, youth were given the room to apply the topics discussed in an edutainment manner through the several side-events organized during WYF 2018.

The forum brought together 141 speakers[9], 241 workshop participants in addition to 72 sculptors and 201 theatre performers. It also included 169 participants at the Model Arab African Summit. The World Youth Forum gave the opportunity for discussions about the global challenges facing our world today, through 17 panel discussions with a total of 26 working hours; 2 roundtables with a total of 3 working hours; 7 workshops with a total of 31 working hours; 6 casual talks with a total of 9 working hours. This totaled 32 sessions with 141 speakers. The topics were discussed through three tracks: Peace, Development, and Creativity.[10] It addressed controversial issues and topics like Water security in the wake of climate change; Agenda 2063: The Africa we want; the narrowing gender gap in the labor market; and employment opportunities in the age of artificial intelligence (AI).


  1. Declaring Aswan as the Capital of African Youth for 2019, where the Arab and African Youth platform will be held to discuss the most important issues and challenges facing youth in the African continent and the Arab region.
  2. Endorsing the Sharm el-Sheikh Declaration to be a city for Arab-African Integration, and to adopt the declaration as an official document, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will submit to the Arab League and the AU Commission[11] to be a Model of Peace Simulation in the world. This comes as per one of the recommendations of the Model Arab and African summit.
  3. Calling on The National Training Academy to develop executive mechanisms to train Arab and African youth in all political, economic and social fields through launching the African Presidential Leadership Program.
  4. The Egyptian state and all its institutions uphold and endorse the principle of preserving life, combating terrorism and its direct and side effects as a basic human right, and to establish a joint working group from the World Youth Forum to provide financial and moral support to the victims of terrorism all over the world
  5. To establish a research group under the supervision of the World Youth Forum Organizing Committee to study the pros and cons of the excessive use of social media platforms. This group should develop both a comprehensive vision and executive mechanisms to maximize the benefits of social media platforms culturally, intellectually, and scientifically, in addition to reducing their negative impact.
  6. Calling on the Egyptian institutions and agencies in coordination with the World Youth Forum Organizing committee to implement an awareness campaign at all political and media levels both regionally and internationally, to raise the youth and public awareness about the gravity of the water security issue and to put it on the international community agenda.
  7. To launch an international initiative to train 10,000 Egyptian and African Youth as developers for electronic games and applications over the next three years, in addition to supporting the establishment of 100 specialized companies in these fields in Egypt and Africa.
  8. Calling on all the Egyptian institutions and agencies to establish a regional hub for entrepreneurship in Egypt to provide support to start-ups in Egypt and the countries of the region.
  9. To form a managing committee, which includes the participating sculptors, to the “Reviving Humanity Memorial” in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. And to turn it into an international institution aiming at preserving the principles of humanity and supporting victims of violence and terrorism.
  10. Calling on the cabinet of Ministers to form a committee including the ministries of social solidarity and foreign affairs in coordination with the concerned state institutions to prepare a comprehensive vision to amend the law regulating the work of NGOs and civil society organizations within Egypt. This is to be implemented by studying similar international experiences and conducting a session with young people to be presented to the parliament.


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