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Washington Farmer-Labor Party
General SecretaryColette Boulanger (acting)
PresidiumFarmer-Labor State Central Committee
FoundedApril 17, 2018 (2018-04-17)
HeadquartersOlympia, Washington
Political positionLeft-wing
SloganDo Together What Can't Be Done Alone (official)
We Do Our Part (unofficial)
AnthemSolidarity Forever, The Internationale
Washington House of Representatives
0 / 98
Washington State Senate
0 / 49

The Washington Farmer-Labor Party is a Marxist, left-wing, and agrarian political party in the state of Washington. It was founded in 2018 to establish a left-wing electoral force in the tradition of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and the Populist Party, but rooted in Marxist theory and practicing democratic centralism.


The Farmer-Labor Party adheres to positions outlined in its Tenets of Principle (like a party line and General Programme.

Tenets of Principle[edit]

The Tenets of Principle of the Farmer-Labor Party are:

1. Commitment to Communism: The Farmer-Labor Party is committed to the construction of socialism on Marxist principles with the goal of reaching emancipation for the oppressed of Washington, the United States, and the world in a communist future.

2. Social Radicalism: The Party is committed to anti-reactionary behavior beyond just making statements, but also taking action to lend aid to liberatory struggle.

3. Serve the People: The Party expects cadre to be upstanding people in their communities, and expects itself and its county affiliates to regularly participate in community events and service, both in collaboration with local groups and independently.

4. Freedom of Discussion, United in Action: The Party is committed to democratic centralism, where vigorous discussion and the voicing of dissent are as equally required as steady, consistent leadership.

Political Positions[edit]

Agrarian issues[edit]


The Party supports the outlawing of all oil pipelines, the outlawing of all fossil fuel shipping and production, legislation mandating all electricity produced in the state be of renewable origin, a heavy carbon tax, large-scale public environmental restoration works efforts, and heavy penalties and criminal charges on corporations guilty of environmental damage.

Farming and Food Production[edit]

The Party advocates for the eventual collectivization of agriculture and the establishment of cooperative farms. Until this can be achieved, however, the Party supports several measures designed to democratize food production away from monocultured agribusiness estates and to break up the fiefdoms of wealthy, large ranchers, farmers, and other landowners. It also advocates for the outlawing of food destruction practices.

Hunting and Fishing[edit]

The Party strongly supports the right to hunt for sustenance and advocates for hunting licenses to be priced and distributed based on whether the applicant will be hunting for sport or hunting for sustenance.


The Party believes in democratic economic planning. It wants to introduce state supports for worker's cooperatives, the ability for workers to buy out a failing business and turn it into a cooperative, penalties for businesses that remain single-employer owned, and the transition of agricultural businesses into cooperatives. All of these steps will make the transition to collectively-owned agriculture and a planned economy much easier.


The Party advocates for the abolition of sales taxes, the institution of an income tax system, high capital gains and luxury taxes, high corporate taxes, and the abolition of corporate welfare.


The Party supports the right of workers to organize and fight for their rights using militant action. It supports industrial unionism, and unions that are run by their rank-and-file. The Party supports a living wage indexed to inflation, legislation granting overtime pay to farm laborers and domestic workers, and a capital flight penalty on corporations relocating out-of-state or closing.


The Party opposes bootstrap ideology, and means-testing.



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