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Type of site
FoundedJanuary 2011 (2011-01)
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California
CEORick Tallman[5]
IndustryMobile advertising[4]
WebsiteVungle homepage
Current statusActive

Vungle is a mobile advertising and monetization platform focused on in-app video ads. The company based in San Francisco, California.[6][7]


The company was founded in 2011 by Jack Smith and Zain Jaffer,[8][9] initially incorporated in January 2011 in London, United Kingdom as Vungle Limited. The company moved to San Francisco in August that year to attend AngelPad's third accelerator cohort[10], at which time the company was reincorporated as Vungle Inc.

The company has raised $25 million in venture capital funding from Crosslink Capital, Google Ventures and AOL Ventures.[11]

In February 2017, the company announced that it had hit a $300 million run rate.[12][13] In June 2017, Vungle was featured in Mary Meeker's annual Internet trends report to show how dynamic video ads can increase mobile app install conversion rates.[14][15]

In July 2019, Vungle was acquired by Blackstone, with sources saying that it represented a $750 million all-cash deal.[16]

In September 2019, Moody's reported that Vungle had "reported gross revenue of roughly $430 million for the twelve months ended June 2019".[17]


App publishers looking serve video ads from Vungle by including Vungle's SDK in their apps. Publishers get paid in exchange for serving ads inside of their apps.[18] Video ads can generate higher user engagement than banner ads so that it pays publishers a higher eCPM.[19]

Advertisers use Vungle's ad network and ad exchange to serve video ads inside of apps, primarily to drive app installs.[20]

Competitors offering similar features include companies like AppLovin, AdColony and Flurry.[21]


In October 2017, co-founder and former CEO Zain Jaffer was arrested and charged with sexually abusing his 3-year-old son.[22] Two days later, the board of directors removed Jaffer as CEO and placed him on indefinite leave.[23] Rick Tallman, previously the Chief Operating Officer, became CEO.

In July 2018, all charges against Jaffer were dismissed.[24] The district attorney's office issued the following statement:

We do not believe that there was any sexual conduct by Mr. Jaffer that evening and for this reason we dismissed the sexual abuse charges. The physical injury charges were separately dismissed because we believe that the injuries were the result of Mr. Jaffer being in a state of unconsciousness caused by prescription medication.[25]

In July 2017, Jaffer sought access to Vungle shareholder information and records for the purpose of pursuing a leadership change.[26] In March 2019, Jaffer brought a wrongful termination lawsuit against Vungle based on a California labor law provision designed to protect people who have been exonerated of crimes.[27]

Vungle was acquired by Blackstone in July 2019 for "more than $750 million". Prior to finalizing the sale, Vungle and Jaffer reached a settlement over his wrongful termination lawsuit and Jaffer subsequently dismissed the lawsuit.[28]


In July 2019, Vungle was acquired for "more than $750 million" by Blackstone.[28] Upon acquisition, Vungle was used by 60,000 mobile app publishers including Rovio and Pandora.[29]


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