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Virginia Jones

Virginia Smith Jones (1826-1906) was an American woman known for collecting information about American birds and their nests. Born in New London, Connecticut, she moved to Cleveland, Ohio as a young girl. She was home-schooled. She met and in 1846 married Nelson Jones, a friend of her oldest brother Hamilton Lanphere Smith.

The Nelson Jones family became interested in birds' nests and eggs and came to realize that no book on the eggs and nests of North American birds existed. They undertook to collect and illustrate nests and eggs and over an 8 year period published by subscription a 100-copy edition of a book to fill this niche, Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio.[1] Unusually, most of the work was done by women (Virginia and her daughters, including Genevieve Estelle Jones.).[2] A copy of the book is in the holdings of the Smithsonian.[3]



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