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Vintage Arcade Nightclub (short name: V.A.N.) is a private club located in the Budapest 1st district area and operated by a nonprofit association, Magyar M.A.M.E. Egyesület. Established in 2015, its initial goal consisted of paying tribute to arcade games and pinball machines of the 80s and 90s in a friendly retro-atmosphere where club members would drink, chat, listen to music and enjoy nostalgic retro-gaming memories. Inspiration came from the defunct Cucu Bár & Bazár, also located in the 1st district, closed in 2014. Since its establishment, V.A.N. attracted thousands of visitors and is considered as one of the "hidden jewels" of the Buda side nightlife. The club is entirely financed by donations and contributions of members. While visitors pay for drinks, all pinball and arcade machines (running the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) are playable free of charge.