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Vikrameer Rathwa
Personal information
Born (2000-12-18) 18 December 2000 (age 19)
Nandpura, District Vadodara, Gujarat
ResidenceVadodara, Gujarat, India

Exam Success[edit]

After my summer exams I was very unsure about if I would get an offer at my dream university or not. The exams I felt, did not go as planned and I cried about it, but then I remembered The Secret. I would religiously read out my affirmations and when ever any doubt would try and poison my mind I would block it out and listen to The Secret. I put my faith in the Universe and my results are now out! I have gotten into my dream university and will start in September! I am so grateful!

Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God! This is a testimony that with faith you can manifest your true desires, regardless of the circumstances!

My Search For A Happy Life[edit]

I have read many books including The Secret and I never understand what it was it all about. I am a Hindu we do not believe in such inspirational thinking of thoughts. But I am a different kind of person who was trying to find some good from everything. I look to this world and everyone in it no matter who they are or what religion they follow. Although I am a strong believer of my God, I faced millions of problems, one after another. But my God has given me some special qualities to live with and come out of every obstacle tactfully.

Last year something happened to my life unexpectedly. I lost my job and I lost my health. I was in great shock. I would wake up every day wondering what I did and why was this happening to me. But god had given a miracle. I shouted for help to the entire Universe and the whole Universe came to my aid.

I was reading some emails and had come across a few stories from The Secret. I did not know who had forwarded them to me but I started reading them and I and found myself in every story! The Secret quotes also had given me a source of motivation to get back to my life. It just work like magic! I also saw the video which is near to my religion. It is all about belief and faith. My life started changing! Thanks for encouraging me.

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