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Arctic Cat -912 (talk) 12:05, 25 June 2019 (UTC)TWIN FLAME is a Finnish Alternative rock/three chord grunge band. Founded by Ale Heickell (gtr/vox)2015-.


At first Ale played with his brother liari heickell (drums). Ale didn’t learn how to play right-handed guitar so he turned the guitar upside down. Like he had seen Jimi Hendrix play on TV. Ilari had to quit the band because his mental health was quickly turning worse. Then soon after this it all ended. “I was at my flat in Helsinki listening to so music with my eyes closed. Then I saw a vision. and in that vision my brother would hang himself to death. I didn’t think too much bout it at the time, but bout two weeks later I got a call from my mother telling that they had found him (brother Ilari) hanging dead from a tree” Tell Ale. “Ilari left this place burning my acoustic guitar”

After this Ale only made music for him self. Then one day he thought that maybe he’d live the rest of his life different. Then he made a plan that is known as Twin Flame. The name Twin Flame comes from an old idea that:”Twin flames are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together”.

“You can’t sing the blues if you don’t live the blues”

Soon after recording song Free your mind: Ale was committed to mental hospital for three weeks. Ale said later that one can’t sing the blues if he does not live it. meaning that great art needs personal sacrifice. In these three weeks that Ale was in the hospital he wrote 12 songs in four days, that came to be known as the “hospital diary”


18.6.2017 Ale went to sleep in his waterbed. alone, and sober. When he woke up and was having a breakfast he noticed that his arms were hurting. He went to a doctors and was told that “arms looked odd and should be x-rayed” tells Ale. The doctor came back with papers in his hands and told Ale that both his shoulders have been dislocated and shattered. Till this day no one knows how this is possible.

The band released their first LP Second to none, on digital venues such as spotify in 2018


After new years 2019 Ale took too much pain killers and almost died. When he got out of the hospital he told the band that every musician needs at least one blues song. Sessions where the song “the blues” was recorded lasted over 26 hours, and 13 songs were written and recorded. Songs from that session were released on spotify Two

At the same time Ale started looking for professional players to achieve that sound that he heard in his mind. He found Tatu Korhonen to play bass. Tatu had been taking lessons on singing and playing bass. And on drums Twin Flame now has an EX- Osmos Cosmos drummer Marko Siira.

Ale told on facebook that he’s looking for players that could learn the songs by them selfs. This way they didn’t have to waste the short life that we all have on practicing songs.


Ale told on facebook that he doesn’t make music for money and releases all music for free on youtube. Ale has made over 600 songs and over 150 is now on youtube. He also said that musician should get money for their time. “we all have very little time here on Earth and we should think hard how and when to spend it”. “Because the music is free, people should pay money for your time, just like they do with prostitutes” concludes Ale.

The band has been kicked out from several Facebook groups because of releasing too many song too quickly. Ale tells on facebook that his way of writing music is getting in to the “zone” and almost like“channelling spirits”. “I can play for three hours and not get a single song, but once I get in to zone things start to happen. When I take the first note with my guitar I get the feeling that this is a part of existing song and I know the song. Then I start to record it right then, and with only one take I record every instrument. Then I write down what ever comes to mind. I don’t even know how to arrange songs, I just record them as they appear to me at the time” Ale told facebook in 2015. Wikipedia reveals that making a lot of songs in a short period of time runs in his family. Wenzel Hagelstam stated that Arthur heickell was very productive artist and could paint as many as 30 paintings in a one day.


In january 2016 Ale told facebook that Twin Flame is an alternative to everything else. And that he has taken influences from Enya to Twin Flame songs. Ale tells that he often records songs with over 50 layers of recorded vocals on one song to get bigger sound. As for the rest of the music it is clear that Black Sabbath is a big influence as well. “I have have dressed in flannel and thorn jeans all of my life, so it is just a part of me, and not a fashion statement” said Ale.

Many of Twin Flame song are about the human mind, everyday life and death. Some songs even have deeper meanings and connections to Aleister Crowley and his writings. Ale said on facebook that he has no one religion and yet many of his songs mention god and the devil. “when I was on MDMA the devil came and took over me. It was over quite quickly, but it left me with this song, and then I just wrote down what came first” Ale said about the song “I belong to the devil

Many of the songs try to teach the listener how to open the mind, and how to take control.

Lately the bands music has been linked to Three Chord Grunge. term was coined by Kurt Cobain in 1993. But even then there were no bands that really made three chord grunge music.

Three Chord Grunge Songs: [Long way from home]

[the last word]

[I`ll be with you]


Free your mind

Ale once explained that you can make a grunge is even with one chord. Handwriting: