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Triangle Factory
Video game developer
IndustryInteractive entertainment
Foundedjanuary 25, 2010
FoundersTimothy Vanherberghen, Jeroen Dessaux, Sobraj Van Zeebroeck

Triangle Factory is an independent game developer based in Ghent, Belgium founded in 2010 and mostly known for their mobile app "Trivia Switch". Triangle Factory mainly focusses on Mobile, Virtual reality and Augmented Reality content in games and various other applications.


Early history[edit]

The company was founded in 2010 by alumni from Digital Arts & Entertainment in Kortrijk Belgium. It started by 4 students participating in the Microsoft Imagine Cup [1] 2008 held in Paris, the first edition to include game development. The theme for the 2008 Imagine cup was based around sustainability & environmental issues. The team entered this competition with the game 'Future flow'. The idea behind Future Flow was to build a city and solve sustainability and environmental issues by solving puzzles. They reached second place in the category: Game Development.[2]


Triangle Factory started out as an independent videogame company with the focus on their own games. Later, the company started working on interactive applications for other companies as well as their own games. In 2014 they started using virtual reality to developed various applications[3] [4]. Their first big hit occurred when Triangle Factory started working with bigger companies. They launched the mobile game Trivia Switch based on a television show in Belgium. Trivia Switch eventually went on to win best Mobile/Handheld game in the Belgian game awards 2019.[5] Nowadays the company mainly focuses on mobile games and location based entertainment (LBE) Virtual reality content [6], while still developing and maintaining applications for other companies. Working for bigger companies allowed Triangle Factory to get their games out to the public.

Notable works[edit]

Location based virtual reality[edit]

On January the 23th 2019, De Dag (a LBVR application) was released in The Park Ghent & The Park Antwerp[7].Triangle Factory developed "De Dag" (together with Telenet and The Park Playground) based on the Belgian television series "De Dag" aired on VIER. [8] [9] According to "De Standaard"[10], De Dag was one of the first 'free roam' VR experiences available in Belgium, this and the link to the television series boosted the usage of the application.


Triangle Factory's Trivia Switch was their first mobile hit. The game was a collaboration between Panenka, VRT and Triangle Factory, which is based on the Belgian quiz show "Switch". The app was partly funded by VAF Gamefonds and the marketing was handled by één with a series of commercials that aired between prime time programs on één. [11][12] According to Belgian newspaper "De Tijd" , the popularity of Switch was an exception, being developed by an indie company such as Triangle Factory, with the mobile market being over saturated by companies such as Supercell and Tencent[13]. Trivia Switch was nominated in the category "best Business" in the 2019 Belgian game awards, awarded by Flanders DC and also won the price for best Mobile/handheld game in the same award show.

The game "AR Sports basketball" got featured by Apple in the new category 'Amazing AR Games[14] .

Awards & Accomplishments[edit]

  • Winner for best Mobile/handheld game in the 2019 Belgian game awards[5]
  • "Winner 2nd place, game development" - Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008, Paris[2]
  • Nominated for best Business (awarded by Flanders DC) in the 2019 Belgian game awards[15]


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