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Tommy Borglund

Tommy Borglund is a Swedish scholar, writer and advisor in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Ethics and Sustainability. He is an assistant professor at the Center For Sustainable Business at Örebro University and co-founder of Forever Sustainable, a Think-Tank and advisory firm specializing in sustainability and CSR. Tommy has written and co-written a number of books and articles including “CSR and sustainable business” [1], a text book frequently used at business schools in the Nordics and “Medierna och etiken – ansvar i ett nytt medielandskap” [2] about the new ethical challenges for the media industry.


Tommy began his career as a journalist in 1995, first at Finanstidningen and later at the Swedish Radio news organization Dagens Eko where he was a business reporter and editor of the business news. He left news journalism in 2005 to pursue his PhD thesis. He has a PhD at the Stockholm School of Economics, focusing on CSR and has been teaching there in 2001 – 2006, under the supervision of professor Hans De Geer. He has since returned to the Stockholm School of Economics as a teacher and program director at SSE Executive Education.

In 2006 Tommy started one of the first CSR services in Sweden at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Sweden's largest communication consultancy group. It was during these years that the market for advisory services in Sweden expanded heavily, mainly through the introduction of sustainability reports and new sustainability strategies. Tommy has also held a senior executive position at Stora Enso as an SVP for the division of Renewable Communication in 2012 - 2015.

In 2019 the newspaper Aktuell Hållbarhet named Tommy Borglund as the 59th most influential person in Swedish sustainability industry.

Personal life[edit]

Tommy is married to Katarina Sandström, a Swedish journalist and TV personality. She is a news anchor at Sweden´s largest news broadcast Rapport at the Swedish Television.


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Tommy Borglund[edit]