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Tom Fischer is a whiskey educator and journalist. [1] He is said to be a leading authority in the spirits industry. [2]

He is the creator of BourbonBlog.com and co-founder of the first ever whiskey sommelier school.[3]

Fischer is also a Kentucky Colonel, an honor bestowed on him by the governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [4]


Before creating BourbonBlog.com, Fischer worked in Oxford, England where he taught college level marketing and business.[5]

As a social media entrepreneur, he continues to teach marketing and whiskey. [6]

Fischer also worked with Dawn Wells, Danny Glover, and Steve Martin to create SpudFest Family Film and Music Festival in Driggs, Idaho. [7] Fischer attributes this experience to his creation of one of the first Bourbon documentaries of the era which led to the creation of BourbonBlog.com. [8]

In 2013, during the Maker's Mark proof reduction controversy, Fischer's coverage of the issue sparked attention from major media outlets. [9] Fischer claimed it was not a wise decision by Maker's Mark.[10]

From 2013-2014, Fischer was said by Bloomberg to have been following the Pappy Van Winkle heist story "assiduously" and quoted thousands of visitors checking in each month for more updates on the story. [11] Fischer's extensive Pappy heist coverage was also recognized by NBC News National.[12]

In 2018, Fischer challenged Food Network Chef David Rose to the "Camacho Throwdown" with Camacho Cigars. Fischer and Rose traveled the country speaking in a friendly debate fashion about the benefits of the Camacho American Barrel-Aged and Nicaragua Camacho Cigars. [13]

Presentations and Speeches[edit]

Fischer regularly speaks globally about whiskeys and hosts educational tastings. He has also hosted Bourbon masterclasses in London, England at the Grosvenor House Hotel. [14]

In 2019, Fischer hosted a whiskey tasting dinner at Michelin star rated Junoon in New York, owned by Indian celebrity chef Vikas Khanna.[15]

To educate consumers and industry, Fischer has a "Why Whiskey" educational whiskey tour. The tour consists of a variety of American and international whiskeys allowing guests to taste and learn side-by-side. [16]

Festival and Appearances by Fischer[edit]

Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival [17]

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival [18]

SommonCon [19]

Whiskey Obsession Festival, Sarasota Florida [20]

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York [21]

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show [22]


Fischer has been a judge for blind spirit competitions including Still on the Hill Craft Spirits Festival Competition in Breckenridge, Colorado [23] and Denver International Spirits Competition [24]


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