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Tobias Sherman (born 1978) is an American businessman who serves as Co-Founder and CEO of Foundry IV. Sherman is credited with founding esports talent agencies Esports Management Group in 2011, and Global Esports Management in 2013. In 2015 Global Esports Management was acquired by William Morris Endeavor.[1] At WME-IMG Sherman was the Global Head of Esports and oversaw the creation and deployment of ELEAGUE with Turner Broadcasting System.[2] In 2017 Sherman and his team departed WME-IMG to start Foundry IV, a video game developer and publisher.[3]


Career in Esports and Gaming Casting[edit]

In 2011 Sherman casted his first Major League Gaming Pro Circuit in Orlando.[4]

Global Esports Management[edit]

In 2013 Sherman opened Global Esports Management (GEM). GEM represented clientele such as, Nick “Tasteless” Plott, Dan “Artosis" Stemkoski, and Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles. [5]


In 2015 Sherman’s GEM and its clientele were acquired by WME-IMG. Sherman came on board as the Global Head of Esports for WME-IMG.[1] As the Global Head of Esports, Sherman helped lead multiple initiatives, such as ELEAGUE in partnership with Turner Broadcasting [6].

Creation of ELEAGUE[edit]

In 2016 Sherman set out to create ELEAGUE. In partnership with Turner Broadcasting, Sherman and team handled all aspects of development and production, including league structure and rules, teams and talent, sponsors, production, and broadcasting.[7] In January 2017 ELEAGUE set the record for most concurrent viewers with over 1 million viewers.[8] In January 2018, ELEAGUE again set the record for most concurrent viewers, breaking the record it has set the year previous with over 1.1 million viewers.[9]

Foundry IV[edit]

In 2017, Sherman and his team left WME-IMG and formed the new company Foundry IV. Foundry IV is a game studio and consulting firm based out of Las Vegas, NV. Foundry IV received initial seed funding from MGM Resorts Intl.[2] [10]

In 2018 Foundry IV entered into a partnership with market leading sports and fitness technology company Hyperice Inc. [11]

Most recently, Sherman has coined the term “New Sports”. [12]

Foundry IV’s first title in development is a battle royale. The game is planned on being released on MGM Resorts’ casino floor.[13]


In 2017, Sherman won Sports Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award.[14]

In 2017, Sherman was awarded Leaders and Aspire’s 2017 Leaders Under 40 Award.[15]


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