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Srivani Yalla
Tirupati Srivani Yalla
Background information
GenresCarnatic Music
Occupation(s)Lecturer in Veena

Tirupati Srivani Yalla is a Carnatic Music Saraswati Veena Veena Artist.[1]

Srivani Yalla[edit]

Tirupati Srivani Yalla is a Veena artist[2],she is a gold medalist at the post-graduate level in music from the Andhra University.[3]. Tirupati Srivani Yalla is working as a lecturer in Veena, Sri Venkateswara College of music and dance established by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.

  • Mastery of the technique apart, a perfectly-crafted veena is also essential for a successful career. Srivani Yalla, a veena player from Tirupathi, is blessed in both these aspects.[4]* Srivani plays with steady pace bringing out the raga bhava of each of the melodies[5]





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