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Times of Assam
Times of Assam Logo.png
TypeWeekly, Web
Editor-in-chiefDhruba Jyoti Deka
Deputy editorPriyankan Goswami
FoundedSeptember, 2009

Times of Assam is a weekly Tabloid published from Assam, India. The tabloid was launched in 2009 and its web edition was launched in 2010.

The media publishes offbeat reports and articles covering social and ethnic-political issues of North-Eastern states of India.[1][2]

Focus on Human Rights[edit]

From the beginning of its launch, Times of Assam continues to be a watchdog of Human Rights Violation and Conflicts in the North-Eastern states of India.[3]

Reporting Militancy[edit]

The Times of Assam also continue to watch and publish Militancy issues in North-East India, China, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

Reports and Controversy on 2018 Bangladeshi general election[edit]

Though the Times of Assam covers Indian issues, in past years, the media got involved with Bangladesh's administrative and political issues too. In 2012, reports of 'forced disappearance and massive corruption' by Sheikh Hasina government raised many questions about 'Democratic practice' by the government.[11]

In 2018, it published several reports claiming the Bangladeshi General Election is controversial.[12]


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