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The Volrusian Language[edit]

The Volrusian language (Волрускі Лімбь) is an South Slavic language that originated from Serbia.[1] The Volrusian Language has under 10,000 speakers. The language is not known in many places in the world. Most of the speakers reside in Serbia and Bulgaria. Volrusian has 2 scripts, the Russian Cyrillic script and its own unique Cyrillic script. For most speakers Volrusian is their second language. Volrusian is one of the easiest Slavic languages to learn because it does not have the Accusative, Dativ, General, etc. forms. It has similar words from the Serbian language and some of its own words. Volrusian is said to be spoken as far as 1800.[2]

Language Family

  • Indo-European
  • Balto-Slavic
  • Slavic
  • South Slavic
  • Volrusian

Different Volrusian Dialects[edit]

There are are 4 different Volrusian dialects, Moldavian, Amerissian North, Amerissian South, and Serovakian. The differences are in how they are influenced by different languages. Moldavian is more influenced by Romanian, Amerissian North is heavily influenced by the Russian language, Amerissian South is influenced by Persian, and Serovakian is influenced by Slovakian. Even though they are influenced by different languages, speakers of the different dialects can still understand each other. The Amerissian South dialect has under 100 speakers and is estimated to die out in 10-15 years. The reasons why the Volrusian languages are dying out is because most people that spoke it started speaking Serbian, Slovak, or Russian instead of Volrusian.

Similarities Between Dialects[edit]

Here are some examples of the Similarities.

Similarities Between Main Dialects
Volrusian Moldavian Serovakian English
Фавкаті Авати́ Фабкаті To Love
Видити Видити́ Видиті To See
Ям Дай Я дау Я даї To Give
Кидай Где Киду Where
Имам Я ам Я ма́м I have

As you can see there are many similarities in the dialects.

Volrusian Cyrillic Alphabet[edit]

The Volrusian language has its own Cyrillic Alphabet which is not used that much by native speakers, the native speakers prefer the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet instead.

Volrusian Alphabet
Letter Letter Latin Letter Sound
Қ Q Koo
в V Vuh
е E Eh
р R Ruh
т T Tuh
й Y Yuh
у U Uh
и i ē/Ih
о O Oh
п P Puh
а A Ah
с S Sss
д D Duh
ф F Fuh
г H Huh
ґ G Guh
к K Kuh
л L Ull/ Lll
з z Zuh
х H Hhh
ҡ Q Kuu
б B Buh
н N Nuh
м M Mmm
я Ya Ya
ё Yo Yo
щ Sht Shh-t
ѝ ē E
ҵ Te Teh
ӹ Uh Uh (Like in "The")
ӭ Ye Yeh
ӣ ī E
ӑ O Aw
ӳ U Stressed U
ӌ Ç Sss
ї Yee Yee
ю Yu You
э Eh Eh

Volrusian Surnames[edit]

Volrusian Surnames
Moldavian Volrusian Amerissian Serovakian
Bolohan Kahlonovko Smirnov Slobodsky
Butnaru Kaliniv Sinkhov Dordovsky
Postan Smits Kaloh Kalovosky

The Volrusian surname "Kahlonovko" originates from Punjab, India. Any one with the last name of Kahlon has ancestors from the Balkans. The surname "Kahlon" was brought to Punjab, India from either Serbia or Bulgaria, it also explains why some Volrusian words have similar words to the Punjabi language. All Moldavian last names are from Moldova or Romania.

Amerissian South and Persian Similarities[edit]

Amerissian South Persian English
О́со́мон Osmon Sky
Шарф Sharaf Honour
Дорвац Dorvaze Door
Гаро́м Garm Hot
Ду́р Dur Far
Ми́зі Mizi Desk

As you can see Amerissian South has a lot of similarities with Persian.


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