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The Redemption of Time
AuthorBaoshu (宝树)
Original title观想之宙
(Guān Xiǎng Zhī Zhòu)
TranslatorKen Liu
Country China
  • Chinese (original language)
  • English
SeriesRemembrance of Earth's Past
Release number
GenreScience fiction
  • Chinese fanfic:
  • Chinese novelization: Chongqing Press (重庆出版社)
  • English: Tor Books
Publication date
  • Fanfic: 2010
  • Novelization: 2011
  • English: 2019
Published in English
Preceded byDeath's End (死神永生) by Cixin Liu (刘慈欣)  
Websitehttps://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250306029 (in English)

The Redemption of Time (Chinese: 三体X·观想之宙; pinyin: Sān Tǐ X · Guān Xiǎng Zhī Zhòu; literally: 'Three Bodies X: The Universe of Thought'; translated as: 3 Body X: Aeon of Contemplation) is the fourth entry in the Remembrance of Earth's Past (地球往事) aka Three-Bodies (三体) fictional universe, created by Cixin Liu It was written by Baoshu (宝树) and published in Chinese in 2011 by Chongqing Press (长江文艺出版社). It was translated by Ken Liu into English and published by Tor Books in 2019.


3 Body X: Æon of Contemplation
Simplified Chinese三体X·观想之宙
Literal meaningThree Bodies X: The Universe of Thought

The novel was originally published as a fan fiction of the Three-Bodies universe, a complementary story to the third volume of the trilogy, Death's End (死神永生; 2010) by Cixin Liu. Jun Li (李峻) writing as Baoshu, originally published it in a Three-Bodies internet forum in 2010. Its popularity prompted the publisher of the novel trilogy, Chongqing Press, to pick up the novel for publication, and the story garnered permission from Cixin Liu. Chongqing Press published it in Chinese in 2011. It was picked up by Tor Books, and published as part of the Remembrance of Earth's Past series as volume 4. The novel was translated by Ken Liu, who also translated Volume 1, The Three-Body Problem , and Volume 3, Death's End, for Tor Books.[1] The novel was released in English on 16 July 2019.

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