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The Prom
Directed byRyan Murphy
Produced by
Screenplay by
Based on
The Prom
  • Chad Beguelin
  • Bob Martin
Music by
Distributed byNetflix
Release date

The Prom is an upcoming American musical comedy-drama film directed by Ryan Murphy, based on the Broadway musical of the same name and slated for release in 2020, streaming on Netflix. Meryl Streep, James Corden, Andrew Rannells, Nicole Kidman, Awkwafina and Keegan-Michael Key are set to play main roles.[1]

The project is the first film under Murphy's $300 million deal with Netflix, and fifth overall.[2][3]


Dee Dee Allen (Meryl Streep), a two-time Tony Award winner, partners with Barry Glickman (James Corden) in a musical about politician Eleanor Roosevelt which ultimately fails.[1] They each receive “career-ending reviews”, and opt to revive their livelihoods by finding a charity cause to get behind.[1] They’re joined in the effort by Broadway theater veteran chorus girl Angie Dickinson (Nicole Kidman), and unlucky actor Trent Oliver (Andrew Rannells).[2] They find a cause in Emma Nolan, a lesbian who is a senior in high school prevented from taking her girlfriend to the prom.[4] The Broadway quartet goes to Edgewater, Indiana, a fictional conservative town,[5] to help the lesbian teenagers.[2] Aiding them is Ms. Sheldon (Awkwafina) their publicist.[1]

In Indiana we meet “a popular daughter of the head of the parent-teacher association (PTA)”, Alyssa Greene, as well as the head of the school, Principal Hawkins (Keegan-Michael Key) who is both Allen’s love interest and straight ally for Emma.[1]




The film is based on the same premise as the musical of the same name, that uses music by Matthew Sklar, lyrics by Chad Beguelin, and a book by Bob Martin and Beguelin, based on an original concept by Jack Viertel.[6]

CNN notes the film project is on “theme with Murphy's advocacy for more inclusivity in Hollywood” including his spearheading the 2017 Half Initiative, to “create equal representation for women and minorities behind the camera”.[7] Murphy announced plans for the adaptation during a charity performance of the musical at New York's Longacre Theatre in April 2019.[8][9]

On June 25, 2019, Meryl Streep, James Corden, Andrew Rannells and Nicole Kidman were revealed to be cast as the four leads with Keegan-Michael Key as the school principal and Awkwafina as publicist Ms. Sheldon (a genderswap on Sheldon Saperstein of the stage production).[2][10] Ariana Grande was initially cast as Alyssa Greene, a popular but closeted cheerleader and Emma's girlfriend, but scheduling conflicts with the Sweetener World Tour forced Grande to exit the project.[11] Kerry Washington was cast in October, with Ariana Debose joining in November, replacing Grande in the role of Alyssa.[12][13]

Filming is expected to start in December 2019, for a fall 2020 release.[1]


The Prom is due for release via Netflix in late 2020 to allow for theaters to show it during awards eligibility season, and prior to it being streamed.[1]


The UK and Commonwealth novelization rights of the film, written by Saundra Mitchell, were acquired by Penguin Random House’s editorial and media development director Holly Harris, who did a pre-emptive deal with Creative Artists Agency and William Morris Endeavor.[14]


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