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The National LGBTQ Society is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Minnesota.[1]. This organization is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The mission of the National LGBTQ+ Society is to provide a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ Community, to promote awareness of LGBTQ events, to provide education to members of the LGBTQ+ Community and the Heterosexual Community, and to provide resources and support to the LGBTQ+ Community and Heterosexual Community.[2] The organization filed for nonprofit status on June 21st, 2019 with the State of Minnesota and Minnesota has approved the status. [3]


The founder of the organization is Blake Krehely. [4]. Blake serves as the President, and Founder of the organization. Blake is an aspiring blogger, with a passion of volunteering, and giving back his time to the community. Blake is also a small business owner, who passionate about advocating, educating, teaching about various different topics. Blake has been an LGBTQ Advocate for some time and it has been a long time dream of his to start a nonprofit organization to give back to the community.

The Vice President of Operations is John-Joseph Brown. He is also a small business owner in the state of New Jersey and is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights.[5]

Long Term Goals[edit]

  1. Goal – To establish a learning platform to educate members of the LGBTQ+ Community and the Heterosexual Community.
  2. Goal – To establish a volunteer base around the Twin Cities, and potentially around the United States
  3. Goal – To perhaps extend into other states through the chapters method
  4. Goal - To open a homeless shelter in each state for homeless LGBTQ Youth who have been disowned, barred, or banned from their families.
  5. Goal - To open a community center in each state to provide a safe space for everyone, and to hold classes on various different subjects


Learning and Teachings[edit]

Our goals is to create awareness, and educational courses on a variety of different subjects. These include recognizing Sexual Harassment, Recognizing Sexual Assault, Forum's for People that are Questioning, Gender Identities, Forum on different sexual orientations, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Awareness.


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