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The Flavians (2017 - Currently active) is an alternative indie band based in Berlin, Germany. The band consists of Swedish Liam Blomqvist, Joakim Jägerhult, Czech Anna Vaverková and British Thomas Wills. [1] The band have since their debut single 'On the Radio' in July 2018 been playing with bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen [2] at a sold out Huxley's Neue Welt and British Ryan O'Reilly. The Flavians were in May invited to participate in Michael Eavis The Pilton Stage's competition where they won a slot at Glastonbury Festival 2019 [3]. They are also set to play Berlin's Fête de la Musique, Swedens Eksjö Stadsfest Festival [1] and Hamburg's Reeperbahn Festival in the summer of 2019. [2] Their music has been frequently played at BBC Music Introducing, Deutschlandfunk, Sveriges Radio P4 and ORF (broadcaster).


In 2016 Liam Blomqvist and Joakim Jägerhult met each other in a hostel room in Berlin as they both just moved to their new adoptive hometown. They found an apartment to share which lead to frequently playing music together. They later met Anna Vaverková and Thomas Wills in Berlins famous Mauerpark which turned in to a jam and songwriting session, resulting in the creation of their second single called 'Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)'. [4] The bands name came about as of their interest in roman history lead them to realise that the name Flavia means blonde, something the whole band have in common and therefore took on the name The Flavians.

Anna Vaverková was born in Czech Republic capital Prague, Joakim Jägerhult just outside of Sweden capital Stockholm, Thomas Wills is from Englands town Glastonbury and Liam Blomqvist was born in Nässjö, a small city in Sweden and is the nephew of Swedish rockband Backyard Babies drummer Peder Carlsson.


Within the bands first year of releasing music they were played on over 60 radio stations such as BBC Music Introducing, Deutschlandfunk, Sveriges Radio P4, ORF (broadcaster) and Fritz Radio in Berlin. They acted support for Welsh Catfish and the Bottlemen at a sold out Huxley's Neue Welt in Berlin for their The Balance tour on the 18th of May 2019. In 2019 the band became endorsed by German instrument manufacturer höfner. [5] They were invited by Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis to play the famous Pilton Stage as part of a competition which resulted in a spot at the Glastonbury Festival 2019 lineup. Their festival summer will take them to several festivals such as Berlin's Fête de la Musique, Sweden's Eksjö Stadsfest and Hamburg's Reeperbahn Festival.

Significant works[edit]

  • On the Radio - (7 July 2018)
  • Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted) - (2 November 2018)
  • Silver Car - (22 March 2019)[6]


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