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The Changed Movement[edit]

The Changed Movement is a community of people who have left the LGBTQ+ community. The community was founded by Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning. The community collects stories of formerly homosexual and transgender people from across the United States.[1].

The movement was originally called OnceGay.com, but changed names and now has an expanding influence in the United States.

The Changed Movement.png

The movement has increased in influence, joining the Freedom March in 2018 in Washington DC as ex-LGBT from around the United States gathered in Washington DC.[2]

Changed Movement community members at 2018 Freedom March

Support from Christian Commmunity[edit]

The Changed Movement has gained support from many promenant Christian Churches including [3]Bethel Church (Redding, California) in Redding California. The Church's associate pastor, Kris Valloton, communicated the churches support publicly after backlash within the state of California[4]