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TarteeleQuran is an online Quran teaching school. The school serves more than 70 countries in English, Arabic, Pashto and Urdu.[1] Faculty is composed of male and female Islamic Education Excellent Teachers (IEETs), who demonstrate Pedagogical Content Knowledge with a student-centered approach.[2]

TarteeleQuran is a project of Tarteel Technologies (SMC Pvc) Ltd. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It is also a member company of the Pakistan Software Exports Board (PSEB).


TarteeleQuran currently provides several programs in religion and linguistics. Advanced coursework prepares students for reciting and professionally teaching the Quran[3]. Students may also test their memorization skills in the annual Quran recitation competition for the Dubai International Holy Quran Award.

Programs that are currently available include Basic Tajweed (set of rules governing how to pronounce and recite the Quran), Quran memorization, Tafsir (explanation of the Quran), Islamic Studies, Qirat, and Ijazah (religious teaching certificate).[4] Prospective students may also enroll for free classes if they meet certain rules and regulations.


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