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Stojan V. Živadinović (Sokobanja, Kingdom of Serbia, 14 December 1889 - Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1942) was a Serbian writer and one of the founding members of Serbian PEN.[1]

Stojan V. Živadinović graduated from the Faculty of Law in Paris in 1922. He was a novelist, narrator, journalist for the Belgrade daily "Politika", and later he entered the diplomatic service, serving in Pecs, Brussels, Genoa. He ended his diplomatic career in Hitler's Germany, as a consul of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.[2]

During his lifetime, he wrote several novels and stories. The most popular novels are his trilogy: Karadjordje, Hajduk Veljko and Vujica Vuličević. In his novels, he tells about his birthplace Sokobanja. His autobiographical work "Until the Last Breath" describes him growing up in the small town of Sokobanja, at the memorable transition from the 19th to the 20th century. After the Second World War, his work was severely censored, all because of his uncle Ratko Živadinović, who was a member of the Dimitrije Ljotić movement during World War II.[2]Only now his literary legacy is beginning to be recognized.


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