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State Agrarian Trade Company LLC is a state-owned company which operates under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The building of the company is located in Baku and the company is expected to have its branches in all regions of Azerbaijan. Leyla Mammadova is the director of State Agrarian Trading Company.[1]


Essentially the company acts in accordance with Presidential Decree on “the main directions of the strategic road map for key sectors of the national economy and major sectors of economy” dated March 16, 2016. The major activities of the company include;[2][3]

  • To investigate the demand and supply of agricultural products in territory and outside of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • To develop a selling strategy according to the obtained data;
  • To coordinate relations between customers and farmers;
  • To create environment for export-oriented production and take necessary measures to promote local products;
  • To help producers by giving them financial support for the production of products after investigation of the exact demand for agricultural products in local and global markets;
  • To organize preparation and sale process of products by negotiating with official bodies of foreign countries and relevant international organizations;
  • To attempt to achieve international quality standards and create export competitiveness for local agricultural products;
  • To increase awareness among producers how to increase sales in order to meet the needs of local and global markets;
  • To form appropriate proposals for the storage of the products and delivery of the products in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded with that organization;
  • To learn best practices in the field of sales of products, stocking and supply of foodstuffs the company implement personnel training and try to establish international cooperation in this area.


State Agro Trade Company LLC aim to support the agricultural policy concept initiated by the state. It is looking for proper and innovative ways to attain the development of agricultural products and enable producers’ agricultural products to enter the country's local market and global markets. The general target of the company is to increase the production of agricultural products, and contribute to the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.[4][5][6]


The director carries out general management of the company. The authority of the company's Sole Executive Body is exercised by him. Despite this, the deputy (s) and department (s) can be defined in the structure of the company. The director is fully responsible whole management process of the company. He operates without a power of attorney on behalf of the enterprise. Additionally, the director carries out operative management of the company, represents third parties, including the court, represents the society, prepares documents for approval of the general meeting, signs deals on behalf of the company, signs official documents, appoints employees of the society, employs, dismisses, determines their salaries, etc. He also has other duties not covered by the legislation and the charter of the company, which are not under the competence of the general meeting, the supervisory board and inspection commission (inspector).[2]

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