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St. Cloud Police Department
Agency overview
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionSt. Cloud, Minnesota, United States of America
General nature
Headquarters101 11th Ave. N. St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303

Police Officers110
Agency executives
  • Wm. Blair Anderson, Chief of Police
  • Jeffrey Oxton, Assistant Chief
  • Brett Mushatt, Commander
  • James Steve, Commander

The St. Cloud Police Department (SCPD) is a police department and the main law enforcement agency located in the U.S city of St. Cloud, Minnesota. It was officially formed in 1858 when Bernard Overbeck became the first Chief of Police. As of 2019, the police department has roughly over a 110 sworn police officers and around 59 full-time/part-time support staff. The police department is organized into Administration, Operations Division, Support Division, and Community Engagement Division. It is one of the largest police departments in the state of Minnesota


In 1858, Chief Bernard Overbeck agreed to keep arrested criminals in the cellar of his cabin which was his basement. The following year the St. Cloud citizens made Bernard Overbeck the first and only police officer in the community. Bernard continued to work from his cabin home until 1866 when a new police station and or jail was built due to the somewhat harsh conditions of his cabin and the structure was unfit for a jail. The original cabin sits on the property of the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud, Minnesota and is officially the oldest standing structure in St. Cloud. After the cabin was abandoned, the County Board built a new jail and the police worked out of it until 1918.

In mid-late 1918, the new police station/jail was moved to combine with the then city hall which was located on the banks of the Mississippi River. In 1918, the police department had roughly around 14 officers at that time. The then building served the city of St. Clound until 1987.

Around 1987, Both the SCPD and Stearn County Sheriffs Office to form the law enforcement center that was located in downtown downtown St. Cloud. By this time the department's amount of officers increased to 65 over a span of nearly 70 years.

By the time the 1990s came, the SCPD grew drastically. Many offices or closests were converted to work stations and office space. There were many new kinds of equipment and police cars bought to be added to their vehicle fleet. Once the new century began (2000), at this time the department had over 100 sworn officers and about 50 civilian staff. In 2006, since there was such limited spacing, the city of St. Cloud decided to approve/follow through with their plans of building a new police station designated only for the St. Cloud Police Department. On June 17, 2008, a ground breaking ceremony was held for the newly constructed “state of the art” police headquarters. As of 2019, the agency has over 110 sworn officers and 59 civilian full-time/part-time support staff


The SCPD is divided into 3 main divisions that have various units and sections. Operations, Support, and Community Engagement with the aspect that the administration component being the head of the agency. The current Chief of Police is Wm. Blair Anderson. Each division is commanded by a commander and reports to the Assistant Chief of Police which is Jeffrey Oxton. He who oversees all day to the day operations of the department. As of 2019, both the Operations and Support Division report to the same commander which is Brett Mushatt. The Commander of the Community Engagement Division is James Steve.

Patrol Division

Support Division

Community Engagement

Rank Structure[edit]



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