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Sri Vidya Shreesha Theertharu is currently the Peethadhipadhi (Pontiff) of Sri Vyasaraja Matha (Sosale).

Brief on Poorvashrama of Sri Vidya Shreesha Theertharu:

A Scholar of International reputation, Prof. D. Prahlada Acharya was born in 1940, in Bellary, Karnataka. His early education was in the traditional Gurukula system under the strong foundational guidance of renowned scholars HH Sri 1008 Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha Swamiji of Bhandarakeri Math and HH Sri 1008 Sri Vishvesha Tirtha Swamiji of Pejawara Adhokshaja Math, Udupi. He has specialized in Navya-nyaya, Sahithya and Dvaitha Vedanta. In the course of his long career as a distinguished educationist, he had held positions of Assistant Professor of Tarka, in Government Sanskrit College, Bangalore and Professor of Sanskrit, in Bangalore University. He has taught several hundred students in the conventional academic graduate courses and also guided many students in their doctoral and post-doctoral work. He is a member of several well-known academic bodies and universities of this country. Professor Prahlada Acharya has critically edited and brought into print a number of Sanskrit works and has also translated a large number of Sanskrit works into Kannada. He has authored more than a hundred research papers and taken active part in many Vidvat Goshtis. He has also served as the Honorary Director of Poorna Prajna Samshodhana Mandira, Bangalore during 1994-99. He has also been bestowed with many coveted titles such as Panditharathna, Panditha Kulabhooshana etc. He served Rashtriya Samskrita Vidya Peetha (RSVP, a Deemed University), Tirupati as its Vice-chancellor and during his period the Vidya Peetha saw many exemplary successes in the field of traditional Sanskrit education, preservation and propagation of our ancient heritage. Under his dynamic leadership the University had achieved the rare distinction with 'A+' grade accredited by NAAC. The Vidya Peeta was also recognised as 'Centre for Excellence in the subject of traditional Shastras' by the UGC. A novel project 'Sanskrit and Science Exhibition' launched by RSVP was well received and exhibitions were organized all over the country. This Exhibition was also organized in Russia during October, 2004. For the first time courses were offered in the traditional Sanskrit subjects under Directorate of Distance Education by this Vidya Peeta. Under 'SANSKNET' a mega project all the major Sanskrit Research Academies were interlinked to share information and to create huge collection of complete Sanskrit literature in digital form for the benefit of future researchers in Sanskrit. Professor Prahlada Acharya was awarded the Vedavyasa National Sanskrit Award by the UGC in the year 2002 and Certificate of Honour by the President of India in the year 2004. In the year 2007 he was also awarded the prestigious Mahamahopadhyaya award by the Rashtriya Samskrita Vishwa Vidyalaya, Tirupati.

Prof. Prahlada Acharya has served as a member, various bodies/Universities of national importance such as –

• Banaras Hindu University • Jawaharlal Nehru University • Indian Council of Philosophical Research • Akhila Bharata Madhwa Maha Mandal • Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeta • Rashtriya Samskrita Vidya Peeta, Tirupati • Rashtriya Samskrita Sansthan, New Delhi • Sampoornananda Sanskrit University, Varanasi • Central Sanskrit Board, GOI • Poornaprajna Vidyapeeta, Bangalore

Prof. D. Prahlada Acharya - Highlights of Academic career

  • M.A. (Sanskrit) from Bangalore University.
  • Nyaya Vidwan and Vedanta Vidwan Degrees from Government of Karnataka.
  • Studied under famous traditional scholars such as Chaturvedi

Ramachandracharya, Kapu Hayagrivacharya, Sagri Hayagrivacharya, H.H. Sri 1008 Sri Vidyamanya tirtha Swamiji of Bhandarkeri & Phalimaru Mutt and H.H. Sri 1008 Sri Vishvesha tirtha Swamiji of Pejavara Mutt.

  • Served Sri Chamarajendra Government. Sanskrit College Bangalore and the Dept.

of Sanskrit, Bangalore University for more than 3 decades in various capacities.

  • Served as Secretary, Poorna Prajna Vidya Peeta, Bangalore a traditional

institution (Gurukula) of high standard.

  • Taught hundreds of students who are holding high positions in different national

and international educational and research institutes.

  • Guided successfully many doctoral and post-doctoral scholars in Sanskrit

literature and various scholars of Indian philosophy including scholars from USA, France, Germany and other countries for their respective research.

  • Worked with Prof. Arindam Chakraborthy, Professor, Dept. of Philosophy,

University of Hawaii, USA, and Visiting Professor, RSVP, Tirupati to study and translate "Tarkatandava" a great dialectical treatise in 'Indian Philosophy'.

  • Critically edited more than 10 Sanskrit works viz., Gita Tatparya, Gita Bhashya,

Bhedojjeevanam, Tantrasara Sangraha, Saptopanishad Bhashyam, Sesha Tatparya Chandrika and Mayavada Khandanam, Vyasayogi Charitam.

  • Translated many Sanskrit works into Kannada with critical notes viz.,

Tantradipika, Tattvasankhyana-tika of Jayateertha and Mahabharata Tatparyanirnaya of Sri Madhva and Nyaya Sudha.

  • Participated in more than 100 National/International Seminars/Conferences.
  • Presented and published more than 100 research papers.
  • Participated in more than 100 Vidwat-Goshtis (debates in traditional Shastras)

conducted by various traditional organisations such as Udupi Mutt, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Vyasaraja Mutt, Uttaradi Mutt, Ahobila Mutt etc.

  • Was a Resource Person for many workshops organised by IIT, Kanpur, IISc,

Bangalore, ICPR, New Delhi and other Universities in India.

  • Served as member of various bodies of Universities of national importance such,

Benaras Hindu University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Akhila Bharata Madhwa Maha Mandal, Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeta, New Delhi,, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeta, Tirupati, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Govt. of India, Sampoornananda Sanskrit University, Varanasi, Central Sanskrit Board, New Delhi, Poornaprajna Vidya Peeta, Bangalore, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Sahitya Academy, New Delhi and Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation, Bangalore.

  • Member of the Advisory Board, ICPR Research Journal (Indian Council of

Philosophical Research)

  • Contributed articles for many research journals published by ICPR and other

bodies of national repute and essays for five volumes published by "The Project of History of Indian Science Philosophy and Culture (PHISPC) undertaken by the ICPR, New Delhi.

  • Served as Honorary Director, Poorna Prajna Samshodhana Mandiram, Bangalore
Adarsha Shodha Samsthan, under Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi (1994-


  • Presided over 15th All India Madhwa Philosophical Conference held in "PAJAKA"

near Udupi.

  • Recipient of many titles/awards such as 'Panditaratnam', 'Madhwa Shastra Nidhi',

'Pandita Kulabhushanam' etc.

  • Awarded the prestigious Vedavyas National Sanskrit award in the year 2002 by

the University Grant Commission.

  • Awarded the prestigious Certificate of Honour by the President of India in the

year 2004. Additional Data He is also the present working president of Akhila Bharata Madhva Mahamandala and a leading light for various activities like Tatvavada (English), and monitoring and improving the functioning of the Poorna Prajna Vidya Peeta. In addition to his numerous literary activities, he is helping the Sosale Vysaraja matha devotees in getting an annual Matha Panchanga published by Sri Vyasaraja Seva Samithi. Sri Prahlada Acharya has been conducting special teaching courses on Vyasathraya in Manthralayam, SRS Matha, including remote lessons through Skype etc A new Trust called Tatvadarshana Prathishtana has been founded with his active help, participation and Guidance to provide the highest possible level of Education completely FREE and with attractive stipends to Shastra students in the traditional Gurukula system in Balagaru Sri Akshobhya Tirtha matha (near Tirthahalli). The courses which will be extended over 4/5 years will produce scholars who will be top of the profession standard. An important feature of this course is that the students will be trained in modern aids like English, Computer usage and will be familiarized with other systems of philosophy including those of the west.