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The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) is the apex sports body of Andhra Pradesh, established in 2017 by the government of the state to drive excellence and participation in sports across the state.


After the bifurcation of the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh into the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in 2014[1], the Andhra Pradesh government launched a new sports policy. The initiative envisioned projects to provide infrastructure, coaching and support systems that spotted talent early and groomed sportspersons to achieve national and international recognition.

The policy drafting process began in February 2015, and deliberations spanned officials from the departments of Education, Panchayat Raj and Sports as well as municipal administrations across the state, private and public sector enterprises and the Chief Minister of the state himself. The outcome was the Andhra Pradesh Sports Policy 2017-2022 document, approved by the state cabinet on 15 May 2017 and released in September 2017[2]. The overarching model, called the "AP State Sports Sunrise Model"[3]targets the physical fitness and sports excellence needs of three segments of society - children, professional and amateur sportspersons and all citizens of the state - to achieve the following goals:

  • Health and Happiness: achieve a measurable enhancement in the happiness and health indices across the state
  • Increased Participation: 60% of the state's population active in sports and physical activities
  • Enhanced Performance: sportspersons - identified at the grassroots level and trained in state of the art facilities - achieving medals at the international level

The role of SAAP[edit]

SAAP is the nodal body for all government-led projects in sports. It has launched several initiatives as part of the newly unveiled policy:

  • A Centre of Excellence in the state and a Centre for Sports Injury Management and Recovery
  • 6 State Sports Academies for Track and Field and 4 Water Sports Academies
  • Tennis coaching at existing reputed academies
  • Sports Nurseries for Gymnastics and Swimming
  • Sports coaching at the grassroots level in schools across the state
  • Development of Sports Sciences

Across these initiatives, the nodal body is implementing a Long-Term Athlete Development programme.[2], based on best practices developed in Canada and elsewhere[4]. It also intends to implement the latest developments in sports science and technology to optimally bring athletes under training to their peak potential[3]


Sports City, Amaravati[edit]

The Government of Andhra Pradesh plans to build a sports complex in the state capital Amaravati with the goal of hosting the Olympics after the year 2037[5][6]. In a workshop held in September 2018 that brought together all stake-holders, a three-phase plan was unveiled to build an integrated sports hub on 20 acres of land on the river-front at a cost of 1400 Crore INR. Highlighted projects include a comprehensive injuries and rehabilitation centre, 5 sports universities, a marathon jogging track, and complexes for badminton, cricket, water sports and adventure sports.

Centre of Excellence[edit]

SAAP maintains a centre of excellence (also called a high performance centre) at Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur for elite athlete training. Selected sportspersons are trained at the centre by coaches from Jamaica, South Africa and Germany[7]. The centre will incorporate technology platforms for training, assessment, data analytics and broadcasting. A central portal with an athlete database also facilitates monitoring of infrastructure like stadiums, academies and the centre itself. Each sports association also uses the portal to enter and disseminate information on the training and performance of affiliated sportspersons. SAAP also uses social media platforms extensively to interact with all stake-holders in the sport ecosystem.

Sports Academies[edit]

The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh manages 6 regional sports academies (targeted at priority sports) and will add 4 water sports academies beginning with the first at Vijayawada. These centres serve as the base for junior athletes to scale up to the national and international level. The academies provide scientific assessment and training with modern equipment in both individual team sports, for boys and girls.

The academies provide a full-time coaching programme for athletes across Track & Field and Water Sports disciplines. Talent in the age group of 12-18 years, identified at the grassroots level as having the best potential in individual and team games, have been enrolled in the academies. The athletes are provided accommodation, academic education, stipends, medical insurance, apparel and equipment, specialized nutrition and incentives for performance. SAAP intends to have 600 athletes in the sports academies and 400 athletes, 500 boys and 500 girls, in the water sports academies when they reach full strength. As of May 2019, 260 athletes, both boys and girls are being coached in various sports at the State Sports Academies:

Discipline Athlete Count Academy Location
Boxing 21 Good Children English Medium School Anantapur
Judo 16 Good Children English Medium School Anantapur
Taekwondo 18 Good Children English Medium School Anantapur
Weightlifting 13 Good Children English Medium School Anantapur
Handball 20 Sri Sivanthi Adityan Sports Foundation Stadium Nellore
Volleyball 20 AC Subbareddy Stadium Nellore
Badminton 20 AC Subbareddy Stadium Nellore
Kho-Kho 24 Dr. KSPR DSA Stadium Guntur
Kabaddi 20 Dr. KSPR DSA Stadium Guntur
Archery 12 Samskruthi Global School Vishakapatnam
Rifle Shooting 15 Samskruthi Global School Vishakapatnam
Cycling 16 Kommadi Vishakapatnam
Football 22 Kommadi Vishakapatnam
Hockey 23 Kommadi Vishakapatnam

The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh operates 4 Water Sports Academies starting with the first one at Vijayawada, and 200 boys and girls are being coached in Canoeing and Kayaking. The main objective is to leverage the long coastline of the State to create several world-class training centres. The apex body also intends to collaborate with the Tourism department to promote water sports for recreational purposes. The Andhra Pradesh Police department has deputed six national-level players from their forces to assist in the coaching.

Water Sports Academy District
Ferry, Ibrahimpatnam Krishna
Nagayalanka Krishna
Yerrakaluva reservoir, Jangareddigudem West Godavari
Tatipudi Reservoir Vizianagaram

Kreeda Vikas Kendras[edit]

The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh began a 2-year project in 2017 to develop 175 Kreeda Vikas Kendras (KVK - Sports Development Centres). SAAP provided the technical support for the deployment of the KVK, while District Collectors managed the execution of centres under their jurisdiction. The goal is to replicate the centres at every Mandal and Gram Panchayat by 2029.[3]

Sports Nurseries[edit]

SAAP has established State Sports Nurseries for children in the age group of 4-8 years wishing to learn swimming and gymnastics. Selected children are provided a monthly sports scholarship of INR 1500, along with regular coaching, sports kit and equipment, medical support, insurance coverage and exposure to competitions. SAAP started with 4 centres for each discipline with 200 trainees, and plans to extend the nurseries across all districts.

Discipline Centre
Aquatics Vizianagaram, Kakinada, Tirupati and Kurnool
Gymnastics Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Guntur and Kurnool

District stadiums[edit]

Each district already had stadium facilities developed under the Sports Policy 2000 policy in the erstwhile undivided state. These stadiums will be modernized to ensure that they can be used effectively by the local community itself, with regularly scheduled state and national level events that engage audiences in the districts. The stadiums will also host health and nutritional initiatives. SAAP intends for the stadiums to be eventually self-sustaining, with a commercial Pay and Play sports model as well as hosting commercial and cultural events when the stadium is not being used for sports events or training.[3]


Tennis Coaching Initiative[edit]

SAAP signed an agreement in December 2017 with the Zeeshan Ali Tennis Academy that allows budding tennis players from Andhra Pradesh the opportunity to undergo three year residential training at the academy in Bengaluru[8]. SAAP and the academy implemented a selection process that spans all thirteen districts in the state to shortlist ten candidates for the first batch. Besides, SAAP has also sent two players from the state to develop their tennis skills at the Mahesh Bhupathi Academy in Chennai.

Sports Sciences[edit]

SAAP will implement a comprehensive Sports science project, incubated in medical colleges and universities in the state, in consultation with sports science faculty from Leipzig University, German Sport University Cologne and Australian Institute of Sport. The centre of excellence and the apex sports science centre mooted for the state will employ scientists in related areas, including sports physiology, sports anthropometry, biomechanics, sport psychology and physiotherapy.[3]

SAAP Projects[edit]

Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh has established many projects and schemes like project Panchajanya “State Sports Academies”, project Gandiva, project Vijaya-Sports Adopted Schools Programme Day border coaching scheme, Water Sports Academies, Sports Nurseries. In sports nurseries, Gymnastics and Swimming coaching will be provided.

In these academy centers and nurseries along with free training, players are benefited with the stipend, medical insurance, complete nutrition, and incentives.

Project Gaandiva[edit]

Towards achieving healthy and competitive sports state the Government established "Centre of Excellence, State Sports Academies, Sports Schools & Sports Nurseries", to take several path-breaking initiatives in sports coaching.

During the year 2018-19, with permission of Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State government of Andhra Pradesh started an innovative "Long-term Athletic development programme “under Project Ghandiva with an aim to achieve an Olympic medal in a span of ten years. For the purpose of achieving an Olympic medal, 303 Government ZP & Tribal welfare schools have been identified in the State. Out of which 100 schools having minimum 200 Mts track and other playfields to function as hub & spoke model to the center of excellence at Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur. Initially, the programme will be in force for a period of 5 years.

Recently on July 24th2018, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu laid the foundation stone for an ‘International Sports Complex’ at Vidyadharapuram. He launched ‘Project Gandiva,’ which is aimed at promoting sports with the assistance of private enterprises. He also inaugurated a pylon.

The program started with the identification of talented children in the age group of 10 years + (studying 5th class) through talent search from village level to state level. The selected athletes & coaches are providing coaching, training program by National & International level coaches.

To identify the talented children, initially, all the Physical literacy teachers addressed the children during the morning school assembly session about the project Gaandiva. The PLT conducted selections to identify 70 to 90 boys & girls through 7 simple tests prescribed by SAAP. This program completed in all the schools by 30th June 2018. In continuation of the initial selection process, the selection team comprising of SAAP coaches, members of State Athletic Association conducted final selections in every district.

In hundred selected schools the batches of athletes providing top class coaching with National and International coaches, sports dress/kit, Nutritious food, and supplement arrangements are made for participation in athletics events under continuous performance evaluation. The trained athletes are sponsored to the Indian and International level exposures.

The International reputed coaches from Jamaica, South Africa, and Europe are positioned at CEO Centre, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur. These Coaches trained 100 physical literacy teachers of the State, who will train the children of their respective instructions.

Project Vijaya[edit]

Under Project Vijaya 32 Private management schools having its own sports infrastructure in the opted disciplines have been identified for the year 2017-18. The scheme was implemented in 30 schools covering with individual and team games.

SAAP is providing sports coaches services wherever required apart from providing sports equipment, Sports kit, competition exposure, medical assistance/ insurance and other required facilities.

Around 3,500 boys & girls in the age group of 11 to 15 years are brought under regular sports training through implementation of the scheme in the State for the year 2018-19 SAAP adopted 303 Government/ ZP schools to train the children in all team game disciplines.

The selected schools are being provided with sports materials, playing dress to the children duly utilizing the services of the concerned school PLTS. Total 303 schools are adopted to provide training in 07 disciplines within 88 centers.

Project Panchjanya[edit]

The Government of Andhra Pradesh came forward to several path-breaking initiatives like Sports Schools, Sports Adopted Schools, Sports Academies, World class infrastructure facilities and high quality of coaching to the talented Athletes and Coaches.

With the encouragement of Government of Andhra Pradesh SAAP has started six Regional Sports Academies (for excellence in priority sports) in the State. Initially, six regional academies are for boys and girls. These centers are serving as a base for all junior athletes in the State. Scientific Assessment and training with modern tools and equipment, achieve high-performance potential, prepare junior athletes to adopt pathways to grow into national and international events.

Six Sports Academies (3 boys & 3 girls) are established in the State to train 600 Athletes (300 boys & 300 girls) in the first phase. In these academies boys and girls who are under the age group of 12 to 18 years are admitted. The trainees are providing with free accommodation, boarding, sports kit, sports equipment, competition exposure and support of sports nutritionist. Trainees in these academies are under the guidance of qualified coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists. Trainees and coaches are covered under the “Arogya Raksha” scheme. Selections are conducted as per the norms fixed by sports authority of Andhra Pradesh from time to time. Total 9482 boys & girls in the age group of 12 to 18 years participated at District level selections in total 19 sports disciplines (15 for boys & 14 for girls). Total 1972 boys & girls in the age group of 12 to 18 years have participated at State level selections in total 19 sports disciplines (15 for boys & 14 for girls). Present 283 out of 335 Boy's players & 241 out of 315 players are under training in concerned academy centers.

SAAP Schemes to Help Sports Persons[edit]

Day Border Scheme[edit]

The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh established “Day Boarder Coaching Centers in the State for the year 2017-18 in order to identify “low hanging fruits” i.e., players who are performing well and need some support in all aspects like sports nutrition, regular training, playing kit and insurance coverage etc., to enhance their present status of performance in order to excel at higher level of competitions in their particular sports disciplines.

Day Boarder centers are coach centered one, where regular coaching will be carried out with the help of SAAP Coaches, DSA Coaches, Association Coaches, Physical Directors, Physical Literacy Teachers (PLTs) and with National level players. Age Groups were set to the players according to their category.

for Sub Jr. Day Boarder Coaching trainees: 12 to 15 years (from 11+ years) and Junior Day Boarder Coaching trainees:16 to 19 years (from 15+ years). The performance of the players after admitting into Day Boarder coaching scheme shall be improved/maintained to consider continuing in the scheme for a further period.

For selection of players under day boarder scheme, the SAI norms were followed in conducting a battery of tests for assessing the motor abilities of the players, skill tests of the concerned discipline apart from the performance of the players in concerned age group. However, in exceptional cases i.e., extraordinary height boys and girls for Volleyball and Basketball and if the children are physically strong, they were considered to direct admission into day boarder coaching center and training them in strength related disciplines such as weightlifting, wrestling and Boxing etc.

Sportspersons who have represented the State in the National level Khelo India sports competitions organized by Government of India, MYAS/Sports Authority of India & secured medals in State level recognized sports competitions conducted in concerned disciplines by State Sports Association, School games federation of AP and Sports Authority of AP are providing with the following amounts towards nutritional and for other support of the players depending upon their regular attendance. Sub Jr. Day Boarder Coaching trainees: 12 to 15 years (from 11+ years) @ Rs.1,500/- per month per head. Junior Day Boarder Coaching trainees:16 to 19 years (from 15+ years) Rs.2,500/- per month per head. The playing kit worth Rs.4,000/- is provided to each player every year. Sports Shoes to the players are procured basing on the specifications of the concerned sports discipline and distribute the same to the players.The monthly nutritional charges are paying through IT enable platform/online portal based on the monthly bio-metric attendance of the players submitted by the Coach concerned with remarks of the Chief Coach and Chief Executive Officers of STEP of the concerned district. All Day Boarder players are covered under Arogya Raksha Insurance Scheme.

Incentive to players[edit]

In order to encourage more people to have a sports-oriented career pathway, a comprehensive athlete incentivization system is created. Athletes are awarded and rewarded at all levels from sub-junior to international level. Cash prizes for players are matched with Best in the country. There is sports scholarships for District, State and National level ranked players. Also, regional sports academies and sports school athletes are providing a sports scholarship on a monthly basis. Parasports will be provided equal incentives across all schemes.

While winning major tournaments remains a key objective, consistent performance is also be awarded. All ranked players at international, national and state level are awarded incentives to maintain their rankings for maximum time. For international level players, financial support is providing to arrange their trainings at best centers across the world and provide them sports science inputs. Besides, above cash incentives are awarded by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh for outstanding achievements in Olympics and select international events with incentives adopted by Govt. of India.

Jobs will be ear-marked for sports persons in the govt. Priority will be given in Sports and Physical Literacy jobs.

On July 27, 2017, the Andhra Pradesh government issued orders appointing P.V Sindhu as deputy collector. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu personally handed over the appointment letter to Sindhu. On March 29, 2018, Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri N Chandrababu Naidu handed over the appointment letter to Kidambi Srikanth in Amravati in the presence of former All-England champion and badminton coach Pullela Gopichand.

For best performance in international events, performance rewards are shared amongst all coaches, who have worked with the athlete. The Government is seeking to ensure that the Coaches are covered under pension plan that is in implementation by the Government and Medical Insurance is provided under the scheme available with the Government. Coach Development Programs are developed in coordination with Sports Associations/Bodies as per LTAD principles.


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