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Soumyadeep Sarkar
BornJune 28, 1995,

Siliguri, Darjeeling district,

West Bengal, India
EducationFather LeBlond School,

Mahbert High School,

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
OccupationElectrical Engineer and Government Contractor

Soumyadeep Sarkar (/Soumyadeep sɑrˌkɑr:/) (Bengali: সৌম্যদীপ সরকার) (born 28 June, 1995) is an Indian electrical and electronics engineer and research scholar. He is currently working as a contractor under the National Highways Division- IX, Government of India. He is a research scholar and also an eminent member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). His interested areas of research are Electrical Machines and Drives, flexible AC transmission systems, High Voltage AC and Power Electronics. His other research interests include Quantum Physics, Biomedical Science, Classical Mechanics, Astrophysics and Biological Psychiatry.

Personal Life[edit]

Sarkar was born in Siliguri, in the district of Darjeeling of the West Bengal state of India. His father is a timber merchant and government contractor and his mother is the woman of the house. In his early life, he developed a keen interest in electrical engineering and mechanics.


He has completely the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education from Father LeBlond School, Darjeeling in the year 2012 and then his Indian School Certificate in Science in the year 2014 from Mahbert High School, Siliguri.

He has studied electrical and electronics engineering from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra from the academic year of 2014-2018. He is a certified CAD designer and has more than 18 certifications to his credit.


Sarkar began his career in his early years by designing small mechanical parts on his lathe machine which belonged to his uncle. Later he worked as a construction site manager to oversee operations on a day-to-day basis. Besides, he also worked as a professional electrical CAD designer and for machine designing. He is currently employed as a government contractor for the construction of National Highways of India.

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Sarkar, as we know him, is completely an apolitical person and have no involvement in politics.

Published works[edit]

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